There are so many reasons that seniors choose to use home care services. Home care agencies offer an extensive menu of service options aimed at helping seniors live their best life, safely and independently in their own home. Home care services and schedules are customized to each individual’s particular needs and preferences. Seniors choose home care for a huge number of unique reasons — listed below are four of the most popular.

Home Care Services Boca Raton FL - 4 Reasons Seniors Use Home Care Services

Home Care Services Boca Raton FL – 4 Reasons Seniors Use Home Care Services

To Get Around Town when They No Longer Drive

One of the top reasons for hiring a home care services aide is for their transportation services. Many seniors reach a point where they don’t feel safe or comfortable driving. Hiring a home care aide to help get to appointments or to take care of errands is a popular option. And no wonder! Hiring a home care aide for help with transportation and errands comes with a host of benefits beyond having a chauffeur for the day.

In addition to driving, home care services aides can:

  • Help a senior get ready to go to an appointment
  • Help a senior in and out of the vehicle safety
  • Get lightweight wheelchairs or walkers in and out of the vehicle
  • Stand by during the appointment so there’s no waiting afterward
  • Assist during the appointment or errand, if desired
  • Help the senior to the toilet, carry bags, push a shopping cart, reach items from high shelves, read ingredient labels or other information, write notes as directed
  • Make the outing enjoyable with pleasant company and conversation
  • Carry groceries inside, and even put them away, if desired
  • Assist the senior get settled back home safely

To Recover from Illness or Injury

When a senior has experienced a sudden illness or injury, it can be life changing. Many seniors want to stay in their own home to recover, but to do so on their own would be unsafe and unwise. Enter home care services. Aides report to the senior’s home and help them with personal care, cooking, housework and other tasks to keep them safe, comfortable and healthy as they recover. Depending on the situation, many seniors choose to start out with round the clock coverage, with an aide present 24 hours per day. As they get stronger and feel better, they may choose to reduce the number of hours that home care is present.

To Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life

Many seniors find that having home care in their lives enhances their quality of life by helping them reach their potential of physical, mental and emotional wellness in the comfort and safety of their own home. Exactly how they do this varies for each individual, but common themes include:

  • Companionship
  • Support for a daily exercise routine
  • Assistance with a relaxing bedtime ritual
  • Taking care of housework to conserve the senior’s limited energy
  • Helping with grocery shopping or meal prep for a nutritious diet
  • Providing a much needed break from caring for a spouse with chronic illness or memory loss

To Live Independently and Successfully in Their own Home

All in all, the reason most seniors choose home care services is to live independently and successfully in their own home. Every senior is an individual, and home care looks different for each and every one. Call our home care services agency to discuss how home care can support your senior to live their life to its fullest potential.

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