When you look at your mom and dad’s daily habits, it becomes clear where they need help and where they don’t. Your mom wears the same pants for days. When you ask her why, she makes excuses. You’re pretty sure she has a hard time with the laundry.

Senior Care Margate FL - What Support Services Help Your Parents Age at Home?

Senior Care Margate FL – What Support Services Help Your Parents Age at Home?

Your dad hasn’t mowed the backyard all summer. The grass is getting long. He says it’s too warm to mow so you do it for him. You visit weeks later after it’s cooled down, but it’s clear it still isn’t getting mowed. Worse, their dog carries in ticks. He admits that he tires out after mowing the front.

As they age at home, what care services are most helpful for older adults? What are your parents struggling to do in and around their home. These are the tasks you have to consider.

Landscaping, Shoveling, and Outdoor Chores

You can’t hire senior care services to help with yard work, but it’s still not something to ignore. Ask around your parents’ neighborhood to see who neighbors use for landscaping. There may be a local high school that requires teens to get community service hours each semester.

If the yard work is done, it helps ease your dad’s stress. He won’t have to worry about his grass being mowed, his driveway shoveled, or his sidewalks cleared of snow and ice. You don’t have to worry about him trying to get those chores done.

Pet Care

If your parents have a harder time cleaning their cat’s litter box or walking their dog, you can’t just ignore it. The pets need proper care. Some caregivers may offer pet care as part of a home care plan. If not, look for area dog walkers to help out. They can walk the dog for your parents. Some will be happy to clean litter boxes and check food and water bowls, too.

The other option is to look for a neighborhood teen who’s willing to help out. The son or daughter of family friends is also an option.

You do have to consider that there may come a time when your parents’ dog or cat is safer in another home. It’s hard, but you can’t risk the pet’s well-being just to make sure your parents have a companion. Caregivers can offer the companionship your parents need.

Have a plan in place for this. Have a designated family member or friend who is willing to take in the pet if it comes to that.

Senior Care Services Help With Daily Activities of Living

Once you have those other needs addressed, senior care covers the rest. Hire caregivers to cook their meals. They’ll have aides helping with laundry, transportation, housework, personal care, grooming, and companionship.

Companionship is one of the most important senior care services that families often overlook. If your parents don’t get out and see friends often or can’t drive to see them, caregivers can step in and provide the social activities they need. Caregivers make sure your parents are safe and happy, which gives you peace of mind and comfort.

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