A difficult disease to recognize because of the few signs and symptoms that tend to come along with it. It is hard to see early on, and it takes some very close analysis by a physician in order to gain a proper diagnosis of the disease.

Caregiver in Fort Lauderdale FL: Osteoporosis
Caregiver in Fort Lauderdale FL: Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis itself causes bones to become weak and brittle, but this is something that can come as a result of other diseases as well as a lack of proper healthcare or poor nutrition throughout the years. So, it is important to take your senior to the doctor if you are at all worried about the possibility of osteoporosis and the danger to their health and safety.

The 3 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis

The first three symptoms are the most frequent that commonly come along at the initial onset of osteoporosis. Upon seeing these symptoms, which may also indicate other diseases, you should encourage your senior to see a doctor right away. With the following three key signs of osteoporosis, you will be able to see the physical effects more obviously from an outside perspective.

The three most common signs of osteoporosis include:

  • Height loss or stooped posture
  • Pain or aching in the bones and joints
  • Sudden back pain

Most likely, with height loss and stooped posture, you will see your senior having trouble with walking and other daily activities. Additionally, pain or aching bones and joints may be something that is complained to you on a regular basis as you care for your senior. Therefore, even if these may not all be things that you can see directly, these signs could at least be ones that your loved one will most likely communicate to you regularly.

The 4 More Rare Signs of Osteoporosis

Then, the next four symptoms are not quite as frequent. They may only occur quite rarely. However, it is important to recognize any decline in your senior’s health and the need to increase senior care with these symptoms as well, mostly for their safety and wellness. With about four more signs of osteoporosis being rare, they are still some that may be noticed on the part of those caring for seniors.

The four more rare signs of osteoporosis include:

  • Loss of energy, or easy fractures
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Loss of fitness
  • Periodontal disease

It is also important to know that sometimes there are no visible symptoms at all. For this reason, it is important for all seniors to maintain regular physical checkups with their doctors. While most seniors face the risk of osteoporosis in all situations, it is important to keep up with overall healthcare, fitness, and wellness. No matter what, it is important to every senior’s care that their healthcare is kept to the best standards for their safety and well-being.

Any of these may be things you could see in your senior loved ones, especially if they have continued loss of energy or desire for activity. While some of these symptoms may be similar to other musculoskeletal or neurological diseases, they are definitely signs that physician visit is important.

A senior care service provider can help with this. Taking your senior to their doctor appointments, cooking healthier meals, and helping the senior to stay fit. Call an agency close to you today to see the benefits!

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