Exercise is important at any age, even into the senior years. However, some people don’t enjoy exercise.
It seems like a chore and it just isn’t fun. So, how does your older family member get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise in, per week, when they just don’t like it? Well, the good news is that any kind of physical activity and in any amount at a time counts toward the total. So, if they take a short walk around the block, it counts. That also means that exercise doesn’t have to be a structured workout. Other forms of physical activity that don’t seem so much like work also count, like the fun forms of exercise suggested below.

Senior Care in Plantation FL: Fun Exercise for Seniors
Senior Care in Plantation FL: Fun Exercise for Seniors


Seniors who enjoy dancing might consider joining a dance class. There may be one in your community just for seniors. If not, any class for adults will do. One of the great things about dance is that there are so many different kinds. Your older family member could try a ballroom dance class, a tap class, jazz, or even hip hop. Another benefit of a dance class is that it gives them a chance to socialize with others. Not interested in a class? There’s nothing wrong with putting on some music and dancing around the living room.

Home care providers can help by dancing at home with the senior or by driving them to dance classes.

Walking with Friends

Seniors can buddy up with friends to walk together. This makes it more fun because they’ll have someone to talk to. In addition, it gives them an incentive to walk every day because they will want to see their friend and may not want to disappoint them by backing out. While walking with other people may make for good conversation, a dog can also be the perfect friend to walk with. They provide companionship and may also spark conversation with the people the senior comes across. During the walk.

A home care provider can be the person your aging relative walks with. Not only can they offer conversation, but a home care provider can ensure the senior stays safe on their walk.


Did you know that gardening is considered a good form of physical activity for seniors? It is! Gardening involves a lot of bending, kneeling, squatting, digging, and lifting. Seniors get the added benefit of growing healthy and delicious vegetables for the dinner table or gorgeous flowers to beautify their yard.

Home care can assist older adults with gardening by helping them to kneel down and get back up, carrying heavy watering cans, and bringing them the tools they need.

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