With age comes a range of illnesses and health issues that can affect how well elderly people can care for themselves. They may need help from people like family caregivers and senior care assistants to accomplish basic tasks. If they are no longer steady on their feet, it may be time for walking aides. If your elderly father seems to have some problems lately with mobility and balance, it may be time for a cane or a walker. The risk of injury from a fall is very high with elderly adults, so anything you can do to prevent your dad from taking a tumble is critical.


Senior Care Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Mobility

Senior Care Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Mobility


Walking aids like walkers and canes are designed to help support and stabilize elderly adults as they move around. There are many reasons why seniors may not be steady on their feet anymore. Chronic health issues like vertigo, poor vision, stiff joints, inner ear fluid and dizziness from medication can play a part in balance. Sometimes, elderly adults lose some mobility in parts of their body due to a stroke, cancer treatment, tremors or Parkinson’s disease. No matter what is causing the issue, a walking aid can really help.


If you feel like your father is at risk of falling or if he has already fallen once or twice, it’s time for a consultation with a doctor. They will be able to diagnose what’s happening and take any steps to treat the condition. The doctor may then refer you both to a physical therapist to get the proper walking aid. Canes are more convenient and are good for seniors that have mild balance issues. Walkers are more stable and work best for elderly adults that have a higher than average risk of falling. Medical experts can determine which is best for your aging father.


The therapist can also teach your elderly father the correct way to utilize the cane or the walker. There’s much more to using a walking aid than just grab and go. For example, a cane should be held on the dominant side it should be only an inch taller or shorter than half of the person’s height. Improper use of walkers and canes are responsible for hundreds of falls each year. With training, your elderly father will be able to use them the best way possible.


Sometimes elderly adults are not very open to the idea of using a walking aid. There’s a stigma associated with walking aids and senior care that many adults don’t want to be associated with. Other elderly people are in denial about needing any kind of device to help them be mobile. Still, others are afraid of becoming dependent on a walker or cane for the rest of their lives.


If your elderly father is reluctant, try to find out why. It’s important for you to work through any of his concerns with him so that he can get the help he needs.


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