February 2018 is American Heart Month. An estimated 600,000 people die because of heart disease every year.

In fact, heart disease is the number one cause of death for both women and men. During the month of February, people are asked to honor those they have lost to heart disease, and also to learn more about heart disease and how it can be prevented. Below are five tips to help your older adult relative to achieve better heart health.


Home Health Care in Plantation FL: Healthier Heart Tips

Home Health Care in Plantation FL: Healthier Heart Tips


#1 Keep an Eye on Blood Pressure

Older adults have their blood pressure checked at least once per year. High blood pressure makes it harder for oxygen-rich blood to pump through the body and reach the heart. To push the blood through, the heart has to work harder, which can wear it out. In addition, when a body part doesn’t get enough oxygen, it can start to die. To maintain a healthy blood pressure, your aging relative should reduce the sodium in their diet, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. They also need to exercise and keep stress levels as low as possible. If their doctor prescribes blood pressure medication, it’s important that they take it. Home care can help seniors to manage high blood pressure by cooking healthy meals, encouraging them to be physically active, and reminding them to take medications.


#2 Be Active

Physical activity is important for lowering and managing blood pressure. Older adults should be physically active for at least 30 minutes on a minimum of 5 days of the week. It’s also not a good idea to spend hours at a time sitting. A home care provider can encourage the senior to be more active by inviting them to go for walks and engaging them in other physical activities.


#3 Stay at a Healthy Weight

If the older adult is currently at a healthy weight, they should try to stay there. Eating right and exercising will help them to maintain their weight. If they are overweight, eating right and exercising can help them to shed excess weight. Home care can assist with weight management by cooking healthy meals and encouraging exercise. If the senior enjoys group exercise classes, a home care provider can drive them to the class.


#4 Quit Smoking

Smoking is a major risk factor for heart disease. If the senior smokes, they should try to quit. Their doctor can provide strategies for smoking cessation. Home care can help with smoking cessation by being a source of support when the older adult feels the urge to smoke. They can provide distractions and when you have a home care provider present, it may make the older adult more likely not to smoke.


#5 Manage Stress

Stress can be hard on the heart, but having home care can reduce stress for seniors. A home care provider allows the older adult to spend more time and energy doing what they enjoy by handling the tasks that become more difficult as we age. Home care providers can cook, clean, and run errands. Also, knowing that someone will be there to assist them when needed can greatly reduce some of the stress people experience as they age.


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