Much of the U.S. has been seeing hot days and lots of humidity. When it’s hot, your parents may not tolerate the heat and humidity as well as they used to. They may also worry about a high electricity bill if they use air conditioning all day. How can you keep their house cool while also keeping their budget in mind?

Home Health Care in Coconut Creek FL: Home Cooling Tips
Home Health Care in Coconut Creek FL: Home Cooling Tips

Take Advantage of Cooler Nights

Providing the temperatures at night are cooler, you can draw in that cooler night air and trap it. Put in window fans before you go to bed. Bring in the cool air while you sleep.

In the morning, close all of the windows and draw curtains or blinds to block out the sun. Run fans to keep the cooler air circulating. In the afternoon, the house may warm up enough that air conditioning is necessary, but you’ve avoided the higher electricity usage during the morning hours.

Create Living Areas in Cooler Parts of the Home

Generally, basements are cooler due to their below-ground setting. If possible, set up a living area in the basement. On hot, humid days, a basement stays cooler. Your parents can spend the bulk of the day in the cooler environment and only go back upstairs when it’s necessary to use a bathroom or get something from the kitchen.

Place Pans of Ice In Front of a Fan

While this method requires a little attention, if you have a fan blowing air over a bowl of ice, the air will feel cooler. You need to prevent condensation from dripping on a floor or table, so place that bowl or pan of ice on a towel or in a baking sheet to collect drips. The ice will need to be replaced, too.

Use the melted ice to water plants or gardens. Don’t waste it by dumping it down the drain. If nothing needs watering, you could put it into a watering can for now.

Don’t Run the Oven or Stovetop

On a hot day, eat cold foods. Do not turn on the oven or stovetop. If a hot meal is necessary, use a slow cooker or microwave to prepare the item. A grill with a side burner also allows you to cook outside and avoid heating the home. If possible, move the slow cooker to the garage or back deck to keep it from adding any heat to the home.

It’s time to look into home care services. You can have a caregiver stopping by to see how your mom and dad are doing on hot days. If there are issues with the house being too hot or your parents showing signs of a heat-related condition, the caregiver can alert doctors and make sure your parents are okay. Call a home care agency to get started.

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