People use the word “dizzy” to describe different kinds of feelings.

It might mean feeling faint, woozy, unsteady, or weak. It can also be used to talk about vertigo, which is a feeling of the environment spinning around the person. Feeling dizzy is a common complaint of older adults. Although dizziness can cause problems, like an increased risk of falling, it usually isn’t a sign of a condition that can lead to death. There are many different things that can cause dizziness, so if your aging relative is feeling dizzy, it’s important for them to see a doctor to determine the cause. Below are 5 potential causes for dizziness in seniors.

Homecare in Fort Lauderdale FL: 5 Causes of Dizziness
Homecare in Fort Lauderdale FL: 5 Causes of Dizziness

1: Migraines

Older adults who have migraines may sometimes experience dizziness or vertigo even when they don’t have a headache. Vertigo can go on for just a few minutes or may last for hours. The older adult may also feel sensitive to light and sound.

2: Inner Ear Problems

The inner ear plays a part in balance. It detects the back-and-forth movement as well as gravity. When there is a problem with the inner ear, the brain may receive false signals that don’t match up with what the eyes are seeing. This can cause dizziness or vertigo.

3: Low Blood Pressure

Sometimes when an older adult stands up or sits up too quickly, it can cause their systolic blood pressure to drop very quickly. The systolic blood pressure is the upper number. Doctors call this condition orthostatic hypotension. It can cause the senior to feel dizzy or lightheaded. It may even cause them to faint.

4: Medications

Some medicines have dizziness as a side effect. Older adults who take blood pressure medications may experience dizziness, especially if the medications cause blood pressure to drop too low. Some other medicines that can cause dizziness are anti-seizure medicines, sedatives, tranquilizers, and antidepressants.

5: Anxiety

Some kinds of anxiety disorders can make older adults feel dizzy at times. In particular, panic attacks and agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) can cause dizziness or lightheadedness.

If your aging relative experiences dizziness, having an elder care provider can help them to feel better and avoid injuries. Elder care providers can help seniors to get up and down from chairs to prevent them from falling. An elder care provider can also walk with the older adult and hold their arm to steady them. In addition, if the doctor has prescribed medications for the condition causing dizziness, an elder care provider can remind the senior to take them.

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