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Everything You Should Know About Hepatitis During World Hepatitis Day

Use this guide to learn more about the health issues your mom faces and what you can do to help her when she's diagnosed with hepatitis.

July 28th is World Hepatitis Day and a good time to learn more about the five hepatitis viruses. Use this guide to learn more about the health issues your mom faces and what you can do to help her when she’s diagnosed with hepatitis. Consider hiring skilled nursing care providers to help her in recovery.

Skilled Nursing Care Deerfield Beach FL – Everything You Should Know About Hepatitis During World Hepatitis Day

The Causes and Symptoms of the Five Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a virus that can go undetected and affect the liver. Some are more serious than others, and some vaccinations can help prevent them.

Here are the five types of hepatitis.

Hepatitis A – You can get this from contact with an infected person or through ingesting contaminated foods. The recent recalls for frozen strawberries in the past two years can cause hepatitis A. There is a vaccination.

Hepatitis B – Often spread through blood contact with another person, such as sharing a razor or toothbrush. There is a vaccination.

Hepatitis C – Similar to hepatitis B, sharing items that have blood from a contaminated person is a likely cause. This includes items like a razor, nail clippers, or tweezers. Some people clear this virus on their own, but others can develop severe symptoms and liver damage.

Hepatitis D – Only occurs in people that have had or currently have hepatitis B and come into contact with someone with hepatitis D through blood contact.

Hepatitis E – Occurs when drinking water or foods that are contaminated with hepatitis E. Foods include raw proteins including shellfish, pork, venison, camel, and wild boar.

Most people don’t realize they have hepatitis until they notice symptoms like jaundice, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Loss of energy, lack of appetite, and joint pain are other symptoms.

What Happens Now?

Your mom is one of thousands who had contaminated frozen strawberries and ate them. She might have gotten her ears pierced by a friend not realizing her friend had hepatitis B. Those are two ways she could have hepatitis.

If her doctor diagnoses her with hepatitis, she doesn’t need to panic. There are treatments out there that will help. In a worst-case scenario, if the damage to her liver is extreme, a liver transplant may be advised. She’ll need time to recover from this.

Typically, antiviral medications and a healthy diet are important. Consider working with skilled nursing care providers who will provide dietary education. Avoidance of alcohol is also part of the treatment plan. Learning to prepare healthy meals can be challenging, but it’s important. Learn how to cook meats to the proper temperature. Your mom should avoid raw oysters if she likes them.

Don’t let your mom’s hepatitis diagnosis cause your family to panic. With skilled nursing care, your mom has the medical support she needs to take care of herself without having to spend days in the hospital. Learn more about skilled nursing care and the services that are offered.

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