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Four FAQs about Physical Therapy at Home

Seniors may find that physical therapy at home helps them to get back to aging in place gracefully. They may still have some questions, however.

Physical therapy at home is an option many seniors may not realize is available to use when they need it most. In this type of therapy, physical therapists visit seniors at home and help them to perform exercises designed to help them heal. These exercises are part of a plan to work toward achieving functional goals in daily life.

How Do People Get Started with a Physical Therapist?

Physical Therapy Coconut Creek FL – Four FAQs about Physical Therapy at Home

The most common way that many seniors are prescribed physical therapy at home involves either recovering from surgical procedures or injuries. Their doctor might determine that working with a physical therapist is a beneficial treatment. In-home sessions with a physical therapist are the perfect answer for aging adults who find it difficult to leave their homes for one reason or another. The physical therapist comes directly to the senior’s home, assesses their needs, and puts together a plan for rehabilitating their new patient.

What Should Seniors Expect During a Session?

Exactly what happens during every session with a physical therapist depends a lot on the patient’s needs and how they progress through the treatment plan. The beginning of each session should start with a review of how the patient is doing, whether any symptoms are worsening, and what questions or concerns the patient might have. The active portion of the session focuses on exercises and treatments that help the patient to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Part of the session might also involve therapies that help to relieve pain, like massage therapy or ice and heat therapies. Patients are also likely to be assigned “homework,” or exercises to do in between sessions with their physical therapist.

How Long Does Someone Need Physical Therapy?

The duration of physical therapy programs depends on the type of condition being treated as well as how severe that condition is. The patient’s goals and how quickly they are making progress also affects how long therapy is going to last. Some patients only need one or two sessions. But other patients might need a lot more help from a physical therapist in order to recover.

Why Is Physical Therapy at Home a Good Choice?

In-home sessions with a physical therapist can be a good fit for a variety of different types of patients. The most common situation is that a patient is homebound for one reason or another. It’s possible that patients can recover well enough that they travel to meet their physical therapist for future sessions. Ultimately, whether patients continue to have physical therapy at home or in other locations depends a lot on their individual needs. Ideally, physical therapy at home keeps seniors from having to spend time in a rehabilitation facility, but some patients may still need that treatment instead.

Physical therapy at home offers a personalized rehabilitation program for aging adults. This type of help ensures that seniors are able to rebuild their strength, recover from injuries, and work on functional goals in the comfort of their homes. Seniors are able to continue to age in place after they heal, which is a major goal for most aging adults.

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