Your dad’s coming home from the hospital. He’s going to need time to gain strength and get back to his usual activities. To coordinate care plans, there are a few steps to take. Sit down together with others who will be part of his recovery and go over these steps to create a care plan that everyone will follow.

Start by Talking to the Medical Team

Senior Care Deerfield Beach FL - Make Sure You Coordinate Care Plans After Your Dad's Hospital Release

Senior Care Deerfield Beach FL – Make Sure You Coordinate Care Plans After Your Dad’s Hospital Release

Ask your dad’s surgeon and medical team how long he’ll need to recover. Will he have a full recovery? You need to have an idea of what help he’s going to need in the first few days, what he’ll need in weeks, and where he’ll be months later.

Find out what he’ll have for appointments, therapy sessions and exercises to do at home, and medical needs. If he’s going to have an incision that needs care, you may need to address home health care needs vs. senior care needs. They will differ.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Recommendations

Once you have an idea of what care will be needed, ask for recommendations. The doctor may have tips on how to make your dad comfortable as he regains strength and mobility.

Gather the Family for a Meeting

Gather close family members for a meeting. You need to go over the care your dad needs and see who is available to help. Even with elder care services, he may want certain people helping with things like bill paying and errands.

People will need to be available to do the things caregivers can’t do. Yard care is one of them. If your dad has a pool, someone needs to keep that clean and make sure the chemicals are balanced.

Prepare the House in Advance of His Return

Take care of the things your dad will need at home. Stock him up on foods that are rich in antioxidants that help the immune system. Get the house clean and ready for his return. Make sure his sheets are changed, the bed is easy to access, and that any clutter is removed.

If your dad will need a walker for the first few weeks, check that the hallways are free of anything that could snag the walker’s wheels or feet. Make sure the bathroom has grab bars installed for his safety. If he needs a shower seat, get one and install it.

Schedule Senior Care Services for Several Weeks

Whether your dad was in the hospital for a hip replacement surgery after a fall or has been ill for an extended period, senior care services are important during his recovery at home. He’ll need someone helping keep the house clean, cooking and serving meals, and ensuring he takes prescription medications on time. Make arrangements by calling our senior care specialist.

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