When your elderly family member’s home is as safe and accessible to her as possible, that makes achieving big goals like aging in place a lot easier to accomplish. Here are some places to get started with making changes.

Senior Care Boynton Beach FL - How Can You Ensure Your Senior’s Home Is Usable and Safe?

Senior Care Boynton Beach FL – How Can You Ensure Your Senior’s Home Is Usable and Safe?

Reduce Clutter as Much as Possible

Having a lot of clutter hanging around is not great for your senior in terms of usability and safety in her home. Finding a proper place for everything matters a lot. It’s also possible that traditional organizing systems don’t work as well for your senior’s needs as either of you want them to work. Try out non-traditional methods of organizing, especially if they actually work for your senior.

Rearrange Frequently-used Items

Things your elderly family member uses often need to be readily accessible. That means that if she uses something often, she really shouldn’t need something like a step stool to get to that item. This is another way that you might need to think outside of the box a little bit more. Don’t worry about what other people might think. This is about what’s useful and safe for your senior.

Make Sure Assistive Tools Remain Accessible

It can be a real challenge to convince your elderly family member to use assistive devices regularly, but when you keep them convenient for her that makes them much easier to use. Some of the assistive devices that your elderly family member is most likely to use regularly might be ones that replace more difficult tools. Things like motion-sensors for lighting or faucets that respond to touch are easy to access already. Your senior’s cane may be something she tends to tuck away and forget to use. Making sure it has a space that’s right there for her can help her to use it more often.

Get Some Extra Assistance with All of This

This isn’t something that you absolutely have to do by yourself. Having help from senior care providers can give you another set of experienced eyes to spot changes that will be helpful for your elderly family member. They can also take over some of the tasks that your elderly family member might be insisting that she continue to handle on her own.

Making these kinds of changes isn’t always an easy thing to do, either for you or for your senior. With patience, though, it can become easier and you can start to spot potential issues a lot more quickly.

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