There can be so many reasons for your senior to lose her appetite. Many of those reasons are physical and related to her health, but some are related to other aspects of changes she’s experiencing. If she’s too tired to cook, for instance, she’s not going to make that a priority. You may need to do some investigating.

Elderly Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Appetite Loss
Elderly Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Appetite Loss

You’ve Noticed She’s Stopped Cooking

In the past, you might have noticed more about your senior cooking various foods. Maybe she baked or talked to you about recipes that she tried. But now, you might be noticing that she’s not talking about those types of things as much anymore. Or maybe she’s given away some of her cookware. These little signs can help you to spot that she’s approaching cooking and therefore food in a different way.

Your Senior’s Kitchen Seems Understocked

Lots of people peek around in kitchens and pantries, especially those of people they’re close to. Maybe you grab a snack when you stop by your senior’s home to visit. Start paying closer attention to what’s in the pantry and the fridge when you reach in for something to eat. If her kitchen seems to be a little less well-stocked than it ever used to be, there might be a reason. Look also at what exactly is in her pantry and fridge. There might be some changes from what she used to have on hand to a larger amount of convenience options.

Your Senior Is Losing Weight

Something else that can be a bigger clue than you might realize is when your senior starts to lose weight. This is especially important to pay attention to if she’s not trying to lose weight or if she’s already at her ideal weight or below that point. Talk to your senior’s doctor about unexpected weight loss, because there may be even more going on.

She Mentions Her Appetite Is Off

Sometimes your senior tells you things without making a big deal about it. She might make an offhanded comment about not being hungry that day or for a specific meal. That statement on its own might not mean a lot, but if there are similar statements coming from her, that might be a pattern. It’s time to pay a little bit closer attention to see what else might be going on.

The biggest thing to remember is that no appetite likely means that your senior isn’t eating as well as she should. One way you can start to help her to get nutrients into her daily diet is to hire senior care providers. They can take care of meal preparation and other tasks for your senior, which might be enough to start making a difference.

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