Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Senior Sleep
Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Senior Sleep

Sleep routines keep your senior’s sleep patterns where they need to be so she gets the rest she needs. Setting up a sleep routine is easier than you might think, but you want to avoid some of these mistakes.

Sleeping During the Day Makes the Situation Worse

Many people with sleep disturbances and issues find that they’re awake a lot during the night and asleep or at least dozing throughout the day. Those naps, whether they’re long or short, might help to an extent. But if that’s what your senior is relying on instead of fixing the underlying sleep problem, she might be keeping herself stuck in that bad sleep rut.

Too Much Time in Bed Can Create Issues

Another issue that plagues people who aren’t sleeping well is that they may tend to stay in bed too long, trying to stay asleep or to get to sleep. This can be a particularly difficult problem for your senior because staying in bed too long can amplify aches and problems she’s battling. Changing positions can help a little bit, but it might be better for her to get up for a while if she’s been in bed for several hours and is in pain.

No Routine Tends to Breed Chaos

If your senior has no bedtime or sleep routine at all, that’s a recipe for a bit of chaos around the entire topic of sleep. The routine she swears by doesn’t have to be strictly regimented or outlined to the exact minute. It’s more of a roadmap that helps her to be ready for a good night’s sleep. Start with the time she wants to wake up every morning and work backward on the clock to find the right time for her to start thinking about winding down.

Inconsistent Bedtime Routines Are Worse than No Routine

One problem you want to watch for is that inconsistency around bedtime and sleep routines can almost be worse than having no routine at all. Routines work because they let her brain and body know what to expect and how to respond. When the routine isn’t consistent, your senior’s brain isn’t able to depend on knowing what’s happening next.

If bedtime and overnight routines are just not coming together for your senior, that might be affecting your sleep, too. Hiring senior care providers to deal with overnight shifts can help quite a bit because your senior will have someone helping her and you can focus on getting the sleep that you need.

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