Do you want to help your elderly loved one fight aging? Maybe they need to lower their blood pressure, lower cholesterol, or reduce their risk of cancer. No matter the purpose, it is important that you and their elderly care provides know there are foods that speed up the aging process. Knowing more about these foods and what they are can help you to decide what should be in your loved one’s diet instead.

Home Care Services in Tamarac FL: Food Tips
Home Care Services in Tamarac FL: Food Tips

Sugar-Filled Drinks

While it isn’t a type of food, you should know that sugar-filled drinks are not good for your elderly loved one’s health. They can cause obesity, insulin resistance, and fatty liver disease. These are just a few of the health problems that can be caused by sugary drinks. All of these issues will speed up the aging process. By avoiding these drinks and having your loved one drink better things such as green tea and water, you can help to slow the aging process.

Vegetable Oil

Did you know that vegetable oils can increase your elderly loved one’s risk of cancer? The main reason for this is because they are filled with many omega-6 fatty acids. If you are going to use oil for your loved one’s meals, you should use olive oil. It is much healthier for your loved one and will actually slow down the aging process.


On the same side as vegetable oil is margarine. This is actually filled with trans fats and vegetable oil. It is not healthy for your loved one and could lead to many health issues including high blood pressure, obesity, and more. If you are going to use something in this regard for your loved one’s meals, choose grass-fed butter. It is healthier and won’t lead to all those harmful health issues.

Baked Foods

Does your elderly loved one enjoy their baked foods? Maybe they chow down on baked cookies, brownies, or cakes. These foods are often filled with refined wheat flour, fat, and sugar. They can increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other health issues. If you want your loved one to live longer, it is important to substitute baked foods for healthier options.

Processed Meat

Research shows that processed meat such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and lunch meats can contribute to many health issues. These include heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and more. If your elderly loved one currently eats processed meat it may be tough to get them to quit. However, they could extend their life and reduce their risk of aging-related health issues if they quit eating processed meat.

These are some of the foods that speed up the aging process. Help your elderly loved one to replace these foods for healthier ones starting today.

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