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What Do You Need to Look for in Terms of Senior Safety?

Elderly Care in Pembroke Pines FL: Keeping your elderly family member safe means looking at a variety of different issues for her periodically.

As your senior’s caregiver, her safety is one of your biggest concerns. Safety covers a lot of ground that you might not have considered, too. It’s not just her physical safety, but also other forms of keeping her safe.


Elderly Care in Pembroke Pines FL: Senior Safety


Assessing Fall Risks

Falls are a huge problem for aging adults. They can lead to serious injuries that can have complications for years to come. When you combine those issues with existing health conditions, falls can be extremely dangerous for your elderly family member. Tripping hazards, maintenance issues in her home, and mobility concerns are all factors that can increase your elderly family member’s fall risk.


Determining if Memory Issues Are a Factor

Memory issues can easily become a safety concern for your elderly family member. She might forget that she’s left the stove on or she might find that she’s driving and suddenly doesn’t remember where she was going. Smaller memory issues may not be something serious, but if you and your elderly family member are concerned, you should mention what’s going on to her doctor. Your senior’s doctor can test her for potential problems.


Managing Health Issues

Chronic health conditions are bad enough on their own, but some can lead to safety concerns. If your elderly family member has high blood pressure, her eyesight could be at risk. The better your senior can manage her high blood pressure, the less likely she’s going to be to experience eye problems due to that particular problem. Uncontrolled health issues can lead to bigger problems down the line and the majority of those larger issues can be reduced or prevented by paying close attention now.


Making Companionship Available

Loneliness is a growing problem for aging adults. Even when you make it a point to spend more quality time with your aging family member, she may need a little more than that. Elder care providers can spend time with your senior and help with tasks around the house. They can also let you know when they spot potential safety concerns that could present a problem for your elderly family member.

Keeping your senior safe is one of your biggest priorities as a family caregiver. Sometimes your aging family member might even resent what you’re doing to try to keep her safe. Talk with her about your concerns and figure out how to mesh safety solutions with options that help her to maintain her independence, too.


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