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Five Exercise Safety Tips for Your Senior

Elder Care in Hallandale FL: Exercise is vital for your elderly family member, but she has to exercise safely or there can be bigger problems to face.


Exercise is beneficial for your aging adult, but if she’s ignoring safety considerations, that’s not a good thing at all. She runs the risk of injuring herself or causing problems she doesn’t need to worry about, like dehydration.


Elder Care in Hallandale FL: Senior Exercise
Elder Care in Hallandale FL: Senior Exercise


Following some of these tips can help to avoid those pitfalls.

Don’t Push Things

It’s natural for people of all ages to want to forge on in there with a new exercise program and give it they’re all. But that can actually cause some problems for your senior. A much better plan is to start out slowly with smaller exercise intervals and allow your senior to build up her strength and her endurance.



Breathing is a big part of exercising properly. Your elderly family member might enjoy focusing on exercises that involve breathing, like yoga or tai chi. Even if that’s not her thing, make sure that you remind her to breathe while she’s exercising because holding her breath can cause her lungs to work too hard while she’s working out.


Use Safety Equipment

Safety is a huge issue for your senior, no matter what she’s doing. But when she’s exercising, it’s really important that she’s using whatever safety equipment is available for the activity she’s engaging in. The right footwear and clothing count as safety equipment, too.



Water is always important, but it’s especially crucial when your elderly family member is in the midst of exercising. This is trickier if your elderly family member doesn’t experience thirst in the same way that she used to experience it. Prompts to sip or breaks for water can also help.


Warm up First

Cold muscles are more prone to injuries and that is something that you want to help your elderly family member to avoid as much as you can. Warming up first helps to ensure that your elderly family member’s muscles and lungs get a chance to wake up and get the blood flowing. Warming up can be as simple as doing a few stretches or slowly walking in place for a few minutes.


Always remember to talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about her plans for exercising. He might recommend specific exercises or plans that help her to achieve her goals without wearing herself out. If your aging adult doesn’t have anyone to exercise with, it might be a good idea to hire senior care providers. They can offer companionship for your aging adult and peace of mind for you.

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