As excited as you might be about senior care providers coming to help you and your elderly family member, she may not feel anywhere near as cheerful about it. Here are some ways to help.


Elder Care in Coconut Creek FL: Elder Care Providers and Senior Resistance

Elder Care in Coconut Creek FL: Elder Care Providers and Senior Resistance



Don’t Avoid the Conversation

If you already know how your senior may feel about this idea, you probably aren’t a huge fan of bringing it up. That doesn’t mean that you can avoid it forever, though. Sit down with her and let her know why you’re thinking about enlisting elderly care providers and what they can do for her. Then leave plenty of time for her to talk.


Really Listen to Her Concerns

Once you’ve had your say, it’s time for you to listen to what your senior has to share. She may have a really long list of reasons that she doesn’t want to do this, so it’s important to hear her out completely. Underlying it all might be the fear that this means she’s going to lose her independence or be forced to do things that she doesn’t want to do.


Show Her that Her Concerns Matter to You

The best way to let your senior know that her concerns matter is for you to listen to her. When she sees you actively listening to her without downplaying what she has to say, that goes a long way. Ask her some follow up questions so that you can fully understand what she’s saying and find solutions for the problems that she brings up.


Be Forthright about Why This Is Important to You

If one of your primary reasons for hiring elderly care providers is because you need time away, don’t sugarcoat that. Be honest with your aging adult and let her know that as much as you love her and as much as you enjoy taking care of her, you still need time for yourself. Trying to hide or downplay that doesn’t let her see that you need your time, too.


Give Her Options Instead of Restricting Her to One

One lesson you’ll learn throughout caregiving is that options are always going to be so much better than none at all. The more options you’re able to give your senior, the less anxiety she’ll feel about some of the changes going on around her. For example, having home care providers is not negotiable, but perhaps she can choose which day they come. Look for ways to offer as much choice as you can.

Ultimately, you need to determine why your elderly family member isn’t excited about the idea of elderly care providers and what you can do to allay her concerns. If you’re able to do that properly, you’ll both win in the end.

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