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Ways Skilled Nursing Helps Seniors Recover After Hospitalization

Once seniors are ready to come home after a hospital visit, they may still need nursing assistance. Skilled nursing at home can make recovery at home more feasible.

Spending even a short amount of time in the hospital is a big deal for aging adults.  No matter why seniors are in the hospital, they must have the care they need when they’re discharged and come home. Skilled nursing care at home helps seniors transition home.

Skilled nursing care offers a variety of different services that help seniors regain their health.

Monitoring Vital Signs and Symptoms

Skilled Nursing Pompano Beach FL - Ways Skilled Nursing Helps Seniors Recover After Hospitalization
Skilled Nursing Pompano Beach FL – Ways Skilled Nursing Helps Seniors Recover After Hospitalization

After a hospitalization, seniors might still see some fluctuation in their vital signs and overall health. Nurses know what to watch for in those vital sign numbers and can help healthcare providers stay apprised of what’s happening. They can also help seniors understand their symptoms, and take action if those symptoms are a sign of complications or other trouble.

Wound Care

Whether seniors were in the hospital for surgery or because they were injured, they might be dealing with a wound of some type after they return home. Taking proper care of these wounds ensures that they continue to heal well. Nurses can be there to assess healing, clean wounds, and monitor them for signs of infection or other issues.

Rehabilitative Therapies

Rehabilitation may also be part of what seniors need to fully heal. Skilled nursing care can help coordinate different types of therapies, like physical or occupational therapy, to speed up the healing process. Therapists work closely with nurses to ensure that seniors understand what they can do in between visits to further their recovery.

Medication Management

Managing multiple medications is a big task, especially when seniors may be overwhelmed with other aspects of their recovery. Nurses have the necessary experience to help aging adults stick with their medication protocol, even when they’re adding new medications. Nurses can also stay alert for side effects, medication interactions, and other possible problems related to medication.

Nutritional Support

A huge part of healing involves getting the right nutrition. If seniors are having trouble eating properly, nurses can help them understand the nutritional changes they need to make. They can also help seniors through feeding assistance and monitoring dietary intake, including proper hydration.

Coordination of Care

Skilled nursing assistants can serve as a central point of contact for seniors who are dealing with a variety of different healthcare providers while they recover. They can help family caregivers and seniors to stay on top of appointments, care plan adherence, and keep medical providers informed. That way there are fewer mistakes because everyone has the same information.

Coming home after a hospitalization is an important time for seniors. They need and want time to properly recover, but they may need more help doing so than they realize. Skilled nursing care can offer the assistance that seniors and family caregivers are missing. They can help ensure that seniors have the care they need to recover while also reducing the risk that they might have to return to the hospital again. Nurses can empower seniors to recover far more quickly and safely, all from the comfort of home.

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