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Tips For Caring For A Senior With Arthritis

Some of the things that home care providers do to help seniors who have arthritis and who are living independently are discussed here.

If your senior parent has arthritis and is living at home they may need a lot of help with day-to-day household tasks. Arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to do things like open and close drawers, grip objects, clean, cook, or wash dishes. Home care services are a great option if you can’t be there to help your senior parent every day.

If your senior parent has home care, a care provider will visit them on a set schedule to help with things that your senior parent can’t do because of their arthritis. With home care your senior parent can continue to live comfortably in the home they love. And, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that their house is clean and safe for them.

Some of the things that home care providers do to help seniors who are living independently are:

Home Care Delray Beach FL - Tips For Caring For A Senior With Arthritis
Home Care Delray Beach FL – Tips For Caring For A Senior With Arthritis

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Arthritis pain, stiff joints, and swollen painful hands and fingers can make many of the daily activities that seniors need to do painful. Home care providers help seniors with activities like picking up clutter and magazines, putting away laundry, folding towels, unloading the dishwasher or loading it, and much more.

Medication Reminders

Many seniors with arthritis require multiple medications to manage pain and inflammation. If your senior parent is taking several different medications, they may have trouble remembering when to take them. Home care providers can help seniors by reminding them when it’s time to take medications and leaving reminders set for when seniors are alone.

Helping Seniors Get Around Safely

Arthritis can make walking around the house difficult and painful for seniors. It also increases the risk of falls. Home care providers can help your mom or dad get around the house, get up and down the stairs, and get to the bathroom and back safely. A home care provider will also make sure that there are no hazards, slippery floors, or other conditions that might cause your senior parent to slip and fall.

Meal Preparation

If your mom or dad is no longer able to cook for themselves because they can’t hold pots and pans, stir things, or perform other fine motor movements that are necessary to prepare food a care provider can cook meals and prepare snacks for your senior parent. A care provider will cook delicious and healthy meals that your senior parent will love. They can prepare single-serving meals and snacks that your senior parent can eat by themselves or heat up in the microwave when they’re alone.

Light Cleaning

If your senior mom or dad has arthritis tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping are probably too much for them to do. A home care provider can do light housekeeping that includes dusting, mopping, sweeping, and laundry so that your senior parent’s home will be clean, sanitary, and comfortable for them. If there is a task that your mom or dad likes to do and can do, like folding laundry, they can do that and the care provider will do the other chores.

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