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Easy Herbs To Grow as a Senior

Having a small potted garden on the deck or a windowsill full of herbs can benefit your loved one's overall well-being. Here are some suggestions.

Gardening has many incredible health benefits for seniors, especially those who choose to age in place. Unfortunately, not all seniors have a yard or the opportunity to grow many vegetables. Luckily, tons of easy and small plants will still have a wonderful impact on your mom or dad’s health. Even having a small potted garden on the deck or a windowsill full of herbs can benefit your loved one’s overall well-being. If your loved one needs help looking after their home and preparing more dishes, it may be time to consider hiring snowbird services to help them more.

Here are some of the best herbs to grow that are easy to keep alive.


Snowbird Services Boca Raton FL - Easy Herbs To Grow as a Senior
Snowbird Services Boca Raton FL – Easy Herbs To Grow as a Senior

If your loved one has a nice kitchen window facing south, they can easily grow basil. If they have a window that gets tons of sun and is not super drafty, they may be able to keep a basil plant growing all year. This is an easy plant to keep alive if it is watered and nourished. On top of that, there are health benefits to adding more basil into dishes.

Some people believe that basil can help lower your blood pressure because it may help block calcium channels. Basil also contains a high amount of magnesium, which can help blood flow throughout the body. So, if your loved one is looking for something easy to grow that will give them wonderful health benefits. Basil may be a good option for them!


If your loved one has a local greenhouse, they can pick up a small oregano plant. All these plants need is a pot with a well-draining hole and soil that is also quick-draining. This plant is perfect for windows with a lot of indirect sunlight, making it the perfect indoor plant for most seniors. If your loved one needs help repotting a plant, this could be something they ask their senior home care for help with. These small tasks can typically be delegated especially when it is something that will help your loved one thrive and be happy.

Believe it or not, consuming oregano has potential health benefits, too! Most people assume this is a leaf or herb that tastes super good, but some people believe it also helps suppress coughs. Others believe that this herb helps fight bacteria in the body and aids in digestion.


This plant can live several years indoors, especially with the right amount of sunlight and slow-release fertilizer. Your loved one may need to divide the chives at some point, so it would be fun to give them as gifts over the years! It’s not hard to care for and chives can be sturdy indoors too.

Chives can help your loved one boost their immune system because they contain vitamin C. They are also filled with vitamin K, which is great for helping with blood clotting. The best thing about chives is they can be chopped up and thrown into salads or cooked with meat or even potatoes. You can use this in many ways, and it will keep growing. Your snowbird services aides can use chives in meal preparation.

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