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What Help Do Seniors Need After a Stroke?

Starting out with skilled nursing help and adding other types of assistance as needed offers a way for seniors to begin their recovery process from a stroke on a strong footing.

Strokes are life-altering events, even more so for aging adults. When they are recovering from a stroke, seniors may require a variety of different types of support in order to regain both independence and quality of life while they heal. Family caregivers, healthcare professionals, and skilled nursing care providers all work together to help seniors recover as quickly as possible.

Navigating Follow-up Medical Care

Recovering after a stroke often means that seniors have lots of follow-up appointments. Navigating all of those appointments can be overwhelming, however. Coordinating the different appointments, transportation there and back, and even having help during the appointments can all be complicated for stroke patients. Caregivers can make this easier for the person receiving care.

Coordinating Additional Therapies and Care

Skilled Nursing Care Pompano Beach FL – What Help Do Seniors Need After a Stroke?

Besides medical appointments, stroke patients may need other types of therapy as well. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more are all part of the recovery process. Regaining mobility, strength, and communication skills are all vital parts of recovering fully. These different therapists may be able to visit the patient at home, and having skilled nursing care there to coordinate these visits can be essential.

Monitoring and Managing Medication

Medications might also be a necessary part of treatment. Seniors might take medications to help reduce the likelihood of another stroke or to manage other health issues. Keeping all of this organized can be a big task and medication adherence helps to improve recovery. Skilled nurses are able to keep track of medications as well as any side effects that arise.

Assisting with Nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of any type of recovery, but it can be especially vital for stroke patients. The right nutritional balance helps to support both physical and cognitive recovery. Seniors might need help with planning meals as well as actually shopping for food and preparing meals. Home care assistance makes this much easier to manage.

Helping with Household Tasks

Often seniors who have experienced a stroke are not able to get back to what they were doing before as quickly as they might want. That can mean that routine household tasks fall by the wayside. It can be important to have assistance lined up for cleaning, laundry, and other tasks. This helps to ensure that seniors are getting the help that they need and that they’re able to rest as well.

Assisting with Personal Care Tasks

Taking a shower, changing clothing, and even eating can all be challenging tasks for patients recovering from a stroke. Personal care at home offers a solution that preserves the dignity of these patients. As patients recover, they may need this type of help less often or to a lesser degree.

Recovering after a stroke is a big journey, and stroke patients may need more help than they thought they would need. Starting out with skilled nursing help and adding other types of assistance as needed offers a way for seniors to begin their recovery process on a strong footing. As they continue to recover, they may continue to need help, but the process should be less overwhelming overall.

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