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The 10 Most Difficult Chores For Seniors To Do

Seniors who have senior home care will have the help they need so that they can safely live at home. Here are some of the chores they can take over.

Did you know that by 2030 the World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 6 people will be over the age of 60? The population is getting older, and the way that people choose to spend their older is changing. According to studies the vast majority of seniors, more than 90%, want to live in their own homes independently as they get older. But there are some real safety concerns that seniors who want to live at home need to deal with. Seniors with medical conditions often struggle with household chores, running errands, and cooking. Senior home care services are the solution.

Seniors who have senior home care will have the help they need so that they can safely live at home. Seniors with senior home care can rely on a caregiver to make sure that their homes are clean, sanitary, and safe.

According to surveys, the chores that seniors most need help with are:

Senior Home Care Deerfield Beach FL – The 10 Most Difficult Chores For Seniors To Do

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows often involves reaching, bending, and using strength to scrub and wipe, which can be particularly challenging for seniors with limited mobility or strength. Balancing on a ladder to reach higher windows can be risky for older individuals.

Vacuuming and Sweeping

Pushing a heavy vacuum or broom around can strain the back and joints, which are common problem areas for seniors. The physical effort required for these tasks can be exhausting and painful. Vacuum cords can also be trip hazards. And it can be difficult for seniors to empty a full vacuum.

Mopping Floors

Mopping can also be physically demanding because it involves a lot of bending and wringing as well as pushing a mop across the floor. Seniors with balance or joint issues may struggle with this chore. Home care providers can help seniors with chores like mopping.

Doing Laundry

Sorting, loading, and unloading the laundry can be difficult for seniors. The process of folding heavy linens or towels can be tiring for seniors. And it can be dangerous for seniors to carry full laundry baskets up and down stairs, especially basement stairs. Many seniors enjoy sorting and folding laundry because it makes them feel useful. But, it’s helpful to have a home care provider who can bring the clothes to and from the washer and bring the clothes to the living room for seniors to sort and fold.

Changing Bedding

Lifting a heavy mattress to change sheets or turning a mattress can be strenuous. This chore often requires physical strength and can lead to back and joint pain for seniors.

Gardening and Yard Work

Maintaining a garden or yard can be a physically demanding task, involving bending, kneeling, and lifting heavy objects. These activities can become increasingly difficult for seniors with age-related limitations.

Deep Cleaning

Tasks like scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning ovens, and degreasing kitchen appliances can be daunting for seniors due to the need for strenuous scrubbing and the use of cleaning chemicals that may pose health risks.

Reaching High Shelves

Seniors may struggle to access items on high shelves in the kitchen or closets. Climbing or using step stools can be risky for those with balance issues.

Home Repairs

Fixing leaky faucets, changing light bulbs, or performing minor household repairs can be challenging for seniors who may lack the physical strength and dexterity required for these tasks.

Organizing and Decluttering

Sorting through possessions, lifting and moving heavy boxes, and making decisions about what to keep or discard can be emotionally and physically draining for seniors.


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