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How Can I Make Mom’s Bathroom Less Dangerous?

Homecare in Tamarac FL: We know you worry about your elderly mom. Her health and safety are your responsibility, especially if she is limited physically or mentally.

We know you worry about your elderly mom.
Her health and safety are your responsibility, especially if she is limited physically or mentally. Many elderly adults have chronic illnesses, diseases, injuries or the diminishing effects of old age. Seniors who are frail or otherwise disabled can suffer from slip and fall accidents that can really hurt them. They can get concussions, bruises, cuts, and even broken bones when they fall.


Homecare in Tamarac FL: Senior Bathroom Safety
Homecare in Tamarac FL: Senior Bathroom Safety


Most slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom, due to the slick surfaces and water and steam everywhere. Seniors are also most likely to be off-balance as they shower, toilet and dry off.


So how can you make your aging mom’s bathroom less dangerous for her? Here are a few suggestions:


Create a Slip-Free Floor

Tripping is common in bathrooms, with throw rugs, bath mats and even thresholds to doors and showers. Exchange fuzzy bath mats for more firm, non-slip ones and make modifications to the thresholds so they are not so intrusive. Apply no-slip stickers to slippery bathtubs and shower floors, too.


Install Safety Features

Using special sturdy hardware, you can install grab bars near the toilet and tub. If you are handy, you can even install them in the shower. A professional can also install grab bars where needed for maximum support. When your elderly mom feels unsteady, she can just hold on. Other safety features include a raised toilet lid, a handheld shower nozzle, and a shower chair.


Hire an Elderly Care Provider

Slip and fall accidents are more likely to happen in the bathroom when the elderly person is alone. Hiring an elderly care provider to assist means that your aging mom has someone by her side, helping with showers, baths and more. The safety and security they get with an elderly care provider present can bring a greater peace of mind for both you and your mom.


Consider a Costlier Upgrade

The tub and shower can be very difficult to navigate, so there is the option to remodel the bathroom and install a walk-in tub. These can be installed in the existing space where a shower or tub is currently. It’s a formed tub setup with a molded seat and a door that swings open. The elderly person can get into the tub and sit down as if on a chair. The tub fills, and the senior can bathe, safely and securely. It is a more expensive choice, so you’ll need to make sure it is worthwhile.


If you are worried about your elderly mother’s safety in the bathroom, just know that there are several things you can do to make the space better and more comfortable for her. From remodeling to hiring an elderly care provider, you’ll need to evaluate her needs and where she struggles. Once her bathroom is as safe as you can make it, she won’t be as vulnerable to slip and fall accidents there.


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