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What Does Your Senior Need to Know about COVID-19?

Homecare in Coconut Creek FL: With a global pandemic changing life for everyone, your senior needs to know some important information about Covid-19.

It’s really important that your senior has facts about COVID-19 to help her to make the right decisions during the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know as her caregiver, as well.


Homecare in Coconut Creek FL: Senior Pandemic Tips
Homecare in Coconut Creek FL: Senior Pandemic Tips


Older Adults Are at Higher Risk

According to the CDC, age is a high-risk factor for contracting COVID-19. Your senior may have other risk factors as well, like high blood pressure, COPD, or diabetes. There are other possible risk factors, too. Because your senior is more likely to be dealing with these health complications, it’s more essential than ever for her to take COVID-19 seriously and to protect herself from possible exposure.


Social Distancing and Self-quarantine Are Really Important

One of the best ways to reduce possible exposure to the coronavirus itself is for your senior to practice social distancing and even to self-quarantine. Social distancing is a confusing term for some people because it’s not very descriptive. All it means is for your senior to leave at least six feet of space between herself and someone else. Self-quarantine is important as a way to help to keep your senior safe because she’s not out in public and around other people.


Hand Washing Is Vital

The other vital step your senior needs to be taking is to wash her hands often throughout the day. Even at home during self-quarantine, this is an essential task. The reason this is so important is that people tend to touch their faces often throughout the day, without realizing it. When people touch their faces, whatever germs they’ve picked up on their hands can easily make their way into their bodies. Proper handwashing techniques are crucial.


Watch for Symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 are usually mild, especially at first. The CDC recommends watching for a fever and a cough. There is also a self-checker on the CDC website to help with assessing symptoms. Extreme symptoms can include shortness of breath, which is something to be especially alert for.


Talk to Her Doctor about a Plan

Something else that helps immensely is to contact your senior’s doctor now to talk about a plan. Depending on her individual health situation, her doctor may have some recommendations for her specifically. This may involve checking in via telehealth sessions or what she should do if she suspects that she’s getting sick.

Your senior also needs to know that this isn’t a permanent situation. The CDC and other health organizations are confident that the virus will slow and vaccines are in the works now, too.


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