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What Helps During Prostate Cancer Treatments?

President Biden proclaimed September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. When it's your dad who learns he has prostate cancer, what should your family expect?

President Biden proclaimed September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a cancer that affects more than 288,000 men each year when they learn they have it, and about 3.1 million men are living with it. It’s a treatable cancer when caught early. When it’s your dad who learns he has prostate cancer, what should your family expect? Should you hire home health care providers to assist him during this time?

Home Health Care Deerfield Beach FL -What Helps During Prostate Cancer Treatments?

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer specific to the prostate gland. It’s a gland located under the bladder, which is why there is a weak flow of urine, the most common symptom. Interrupted flow and increased frequency are two other signs that something is wrong.

If it reaches a more advanced stage, back pain, shortness of breath, anemia, and loss of energy are common symptoms. Ideally, he wants to see his doctor regularly for check-ups and catch prostate cancer in the early stages.

What help is he going to need?

His Treatment Plan Depends on the Stage

If your dad’s doctor believes he has prostate cancer, his doctor will order a biopsy to determine if it is cancer and how advanced it is. If it’s not advanced, he may just enter a wait-and-watch care plan where he’s checked periodically to make sure it still hasn’t advanced.

Surgery may be recommended. He might also go through hormone therapy, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or one of the newer treatment options using lasers or ultrasound. All of these may make him feel sick or experience pain that requires a nurse’s expertise to manage at home.

Care Depends on the Treatment

If your dad has to undergo surgery, home health care nurses can help with incision care. He may also undergo chemo and radiation. If he does and nausea is a main symptom, he may reach a point where he needs IV fluids to avoid dehydration home health care nurses can set up IV therapies for him and prevent him from needing to leave his home.

What can you do to help him? He’s going to be tired at times. Stop by and make sure his home is clean. Cook meals for him, and aim for things that will be appealing when he is dealing with some nausea. White rice with some chicken and vegetables may be appealing. Sometimes, fried rice with nothing more than scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables is best.

Attend his appointments with him. Not only does it provide him with moral support, but you will be able to take notes and remind him of things he might not have heard his oncologist say. You can also help him schedule follow-up visits at a time that you’re available for transportation.

Help your dad schedule home health care visits from nurses and any other care services he needs. The more support he has, the easier it is to focus on his health and do what his medical team recommends.


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