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Tips to Keep Your Senior Happy in Your Home

To help make the transition smoother and to keep it running well, here are six tips to consider when having your loved one move in with you.

If your loved one is moving in with you, there are a lot of balls to juggle to make it a smooth transition. In addition to all of the loose ends that need to be tied up in her old residence, having your elderly loved one move in with you brings a lot of emotions with it as well. You can be both thrilled and frustrated at the same time. You can find your loved one being grateful to live with you one day and resentful the next. You may find you need help, such as from a home care provider.

To help make the transition smoother and to keep it running well, here are six tips to consider when having your loved one move in with you.

Home Care Boynton Beach FL – Tips to Keep Your Senior Happy in Your Home

Tell everyone. From doctors to family members to community services, make sure everyone is aware of when your loved one is moving into your home. This will make it easier to communicate changes that may occur. For instance, you may find a local branch of your loved one’s clinic is much closer to your home than to her previous place of residence. Letting them know she’s moved in with you might help her transition to the nearby clinic much easier.

Educate yourself. If your loved one has medical needs, make sure you understand what medical attention she needs and how the condition may affect her. Ask her doctor as many questions as you need, and then find a way to keep that information on hand.

Plan to ask for help. Caring for your aging loved one will take work. A home care provider can come to the home and help your loved one with medication management or physical therapy. The home care provider can also help fill the gaps when you’re not able to be physically home with your loved one but she needs someone there.

Keep those social connections. Your loved one may at first think she no longer needs to be a member of her local church group or keep going to senior Sunday at the community center because she has you now. But having your loved one move in with you shouldn’t stop her from still participating in activities she previously enjoyed. The more active your loved one can stay, the healthier she’ll feel and the better her spirits will be.

Include her in decisions. Your loved one may not be used to someone else making all the decisions, like what will be for dinner, what we watch on TV, or when bedtime is. As much as possible, let your loved one continue to make decisions that affect her. They may be different than what you choose, but find a way to work around them so that she feels like she still has her independence.

Take care of yourself. Being a caregiver is a lot of work. It’ll be important for you to be able to take occasional breaks. Plan for respite care with your home care provider so you will have time to replenish your energy and be at your best when you are caring for your loved one.

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