You might not think about your senior’s clothing choices when she’s first diagnosed with dementia but making some changes there can make life easier for her and for you on multiple levels. Take a look at what she’s wearing now and see if there are some ways that you can simplify her clothing and help her to be more comfortable.

Home Care Pompano Beach FL - Does Dementia Mean a Wardrobe Shift for Your Senior? 

Home Care Pompano Beach FL – Does Dementia Mean a Wardrobe Shift for Your Senior?

Look Closely at Fasteners

Fasteners offer a huge challenge for lots of people with arthritis and other concerns. But they can also be extremely complicated for a senior with dementia. Buttons, clasps, and laces all present some complex maneuvering that might not be easy for your senior any longer. Swapping out those types of fasteners for ones that are easier to use, like zippers or Velcro fastenings, can make a huge difference in your senior’s frustration level. These can also make it easier for you to help her to dress and undress.

Elasticized Waists Make Life Easier

If you can get away from fasteners altogether, that can help a lot, too. One way to do that is with clothing that pulls on, especially with elasticized waistbands. When your elderly family member can easily push down or pull up clothing, that can make bathroom visits and getting dressed so much easier for everyone involved.

Simplify Her Sock Game

Socks can be another tricky item for your senior to wear comfortably. The socks that don’t have a specific top and bottom, or ones that don’t have a structured heel, may be easier for your senior to put on by herself. These types of socks require a lot less planning to put on. Shorter socks, like running socks or ankle socks, offer less material to deal with, which can also help quite a bit.

Undergarments Need Simplifying, Too

But it’s not just outer garments that you might want to consider. Undergarments can get complicated, too. Swapping out a bra for an undershirt or camisole might be a better option, for instance. If your elderly family member is wearing undergarments for incontinence, make sure they’re comfortable and that they fit properly. Ill-fitting undergarments can cause your senior to experience sensory issues that may cause her to respond unpredictably.

Your elderly family member’s preferences in many areas, including her wardrobe, may change because of dementia. Working with senior care providers can help you to spot situations that are becoming more difficult or uncomfortable for your senior.

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