Did you know that one out of three seniors over age 65 will suffer from a serious fall? Statistics show that the bathroom is the most common place for elderly adults to fall, making them one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Slip and fall accidents can lead to broken bones, concussions, and even death.


Home Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Bathroom Safety

Home Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Bathroom Safety


It’s perfectly normal to worry about your aging mom or dad. After all, they aren’t as young as they used to be, and they may be struggling with weakened muscles, stiffness, frailty and illnesses. Perhaps you’ve noticed they haven’t been as steady on their feet lately, or they’ve suffered from a chronic illness like arthritis or vertigo. If your aging parent wants to remain in their home yet you want to minimize the dangers found in the bathroom, you can make it happen.

Here are 5 ways to make a typical bathroom much less dangerous for seniors:

1. Reduce Tripping Hazards

The first thing to do is to get rid of any area rugs, bath mats or high thresholds that can cause your elderly mom or dad to trip. The bathroom areas should also be well-lit at all times, especially at night. If you can install motion sensor lights, that would be even better for your aging loved one.

2. Install Grab Bars

Seniors have difficulty keeping their balance as they raise and lower themselves. Their arm and leg strength are often weaker and their core muscles have a hard time supporting the body weight. Grab bars should be installed by the toilet and inside the shower or tub. This way, seniors have something to use as well as a sturdy support when they need it.

3. Adjust the Tub and Shower to Accommodate Them

Seniors may find that standing in a slippery shower makes them nervous about a slip and fall. You should get a sturdy shower chair with a back and non-slip feet. This way, they can sit safely while getting clean. Add a hand-held shower nozzle so they can stay seated instead of adjusting under a steady stream.

4. Upgrade the Shower and Tub Area

While it is a costlier option, many family caregivers are looking at converting an existing tub or shower to a walk-in tub. Not only is it safe for seniors to use, it is easier for elderly care providers to assist with bathing or showering. It also provides a stable base so that when their feet and the floor are wet, the elderly person is steady and secure.

5. Hire Elderly Care Services

Many times, elderly adults simply cannot do things for themselves anymore due to physical or mental declining health. Trying to do everything in the bathroom on their own can lead to an injury. Hiring a professional elderly care provider to help with the bathing and showering, grooming and dressing is a smart idea.

There’s no reason for your aging mom or dad to feel worried about the bathroom after you’ve made a few adjustments here and there with regards to safety. With modifications and an elderly care provider, the elderly adult will be able to live in a comfortable and safe environment.


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