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What Does Home Care Assistance Offer?

What are your mom's goals? If she wants to age at home, have you looked at the benefits of home care assistance services? Here are some services they provide.

Almost 80% of older Americans report wanting to age in place. That number hasn’t changed much in the past ten years. What are your mom’s goals? If she wants to age at home, have you looked at the benefits of home care assistance services?

Housekeeping Services

Home Care Assistance Delray Beach FL – What Does Home Care Assistance Offer?

Many of the routine household chores are causing problems. Your mom cannot vacuum her carpeted stairs while maintaining her balance and holding onto the vacuum at the same time. She has a hard time seeing dust on surfaces or crumbs on the floor that needs sweeping.

Your mom doesn’t feel safe going to the basement with the heavy laundry hamper, so she doesn’t like to do the laundry anymore. She might have a hard time taking off the dirty sheets and making the bed with clean ones.

Meal Preparation with Home Care Assistance Aides

Your mom doesn’t like to cook or has difficulty doing some of the tasks related to meal preparation. Her caregiver can slice, chop, and dice ingredients and put meals together for her or help her if she wants to do some of the steps in her favorite recipes.

When the meal is ready, your mom’s home care assistance aide can eat with her. She’ll have a caregiver to help clear the table, wipe surfaces, and wash dishes after the meal.

Grooming and Hygiene

Your mom may struggle with some of the daily grooming and hygiene routines. She might find it easy to shower and wash her hair, but trimming her toenails is a challenge as she’s not as limber as she used to be.

She might need help brushing and flossing her teeth, or remembering what two days of the week are the ones where she needs to apply a topical cream for her eczema. She needs help choosing her clothing or fasting some of the smaller buttons. Personal care services cover all of that.

Transportation or Organization and Scheduling

Does your mom still drive? Is she supposed to? Instead of her risking her own and other people’s safety, arrange transportation services. Her caregiver can take her shopping, drive her to appointments, and help her run errands.

Your mom may need a lot of help keeping her home and schedule organized. Her caregiver can help her put things away after a shopping trip, schedule appointments when needed, and keep track of when an appointment is coming up.

When mail arrives, her caregiver can help her organize the bills from the junk mail. Bills that need to be paid can go into a bill organizer to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Home care assistance is there to support your mom as she ages at home. Talk to her about her daily routine and where she struggles the most. From there, arrange the home care services she needs to maintain her independence.


If you or a family member need to hire Home Care Assistance Services in Delray Beach FL, call the caring professionals at Star Multi Care today at (954) 870-4770. We provide service in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Margate, Pompano Beach, and Tamarac.

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