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How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Senior?

Home Care Assistance Deerfield Beach FL-Osteoporosis is a lot more serious than many people realize and it can have serious impacts on your senior’s life. Learn more about it and how to help your senior here.

Osteoporosis means that your elderly family member’s bones are weaker and more prone to breaking. Understanding how this serious health issue can affect your senior’s daily life is really important when you’re trying to make sure she’s got the best possible quality of life. If your senior is diagnosed early enough with osteoporosis, you may be able to help her reverse some of the worst impacts. Hiring home care assistance providers may help with your senior’s care.

Osteoporosis Brings Serious Risks

Home Care Assistance Deerfield Beach FL – How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Senior?

The risks that come from osteoporosis are a lot more severe than many people realize. Your elderly family member may be at a greater risk of falling and she’s definitely more susceptible to broken bones sustained during a fall. The worst part of that situation can be the complications that might result from those injuries. Eventually, your elderly family member’s mobility may be seriously hindered by osteoporosis. Many people don’t realize that osteoporosis can lead to fatal consequences, which is why this health issue can’t be ignored.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Some people report pain in their bones or joints from osteoporosis, but for the most part, it’s considered a silent illness. If your elderly family member notices that she seems to be losing height or experiencing poor posture, she should be screened for osteoporosis. Many people aren’t diagnosed with osteoporosis because of symptoms, however. The most common way that people realize that they have osteoporosis is because they’ve broken a bone because of a minor injury.

Managing Osteoporosis Is Possible and Preventing it Takes Commitment

If your elderly family member already has osteoporosis, she should keep up with doctor’s appointments to keep up with how she’s doing. She should also follow her doctor’s care plan, which likely includes adjusting what she’s eating and adopting a plan for moving more. Some people may even benefit from taking medications designed to help with osteoporosis.

People who are lucky enough to not have osteoporosis quite yet may also be lucky enough to avoid it if they adopt some good habits now. That can include supplementing with calcium and vitamin D regularly and choosing weight-bearing exercise. Eating a diet that supports general good health is also important.

Your Senior May Need More Help That Home Care Assistance can Provide

Whether your elderly family member has osteoporosis or wants to avoid it, she may need some extra help. Home care assistance professionals can make switching your elderly family member’s diet a little easier for her, especially if they’re handling the bulk of meal preparation and reminding her to eat. Home care assistance providers can also make it easier for your elderly family member to find a routine that supports other changes she wants to make, like adding exercise to her day. You’ll also feel better knowing that home care assistance providers are there with her, just in case something should happen.

Osteoporosis is a common health issue, but unfortunately, that also means that people sometimes downplay how much of a change it can make in someone’s life. When you and your senior are better informed, you’re better able to make changes that help her to stay safe and healthy.

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