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Focusing on Strong Bones: Best Food for Seniors

With support from loved ones and home care assistance professionals, seniors can incorporate diet changes that help strengthen bones, therefore decreasing the fall risk.

One of the major concerns for seniors living alone is the risk of falls. This is because seniors lose bone strength as they age, thanks to low bone density. With support from loved ones and home care assistance professionals, seniors can incorporate diet changes that help strengthen bones, therefore decreasing the fall risk.

Understanding the Need for Healthy Bones

Home Care Assistance Margate FL – Focusing on Strong Bones: Best Food for Seniors

Caring for the skeletal system, specifically the bones, pays off. According to the National Institutes of Health, bones aid in movement and stability, safeguard delicate interior organs, and provide essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus when the body requires them for other purposes.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons notes that around 40, these vital structures lose bulk as the body stops replenishing old bone. Unless nutrient intake is increased to control the losses, this progressive decline might limit the capacity to walk independently, which raises the risk of developing a disabling condition like osteoporosis.

This decline increases with age, making it a serious issue for seniors. Medical professionals can assess for low bone density and advise seniors to compensate for losses. Additionally, home care assistance professionals can work with seniors and loved ones at home to ensure a safe environment that decreases the risk of falls.

Incorporating Diet Changes To Improve Bone Strength

Seniors should get a good mix of foods to ensure they’re protected from common ailments, but there are specific foods that can increase their defenses against bone loss. Dairy, for example, provides an excellent source of calcium. Adding just one glass daily or incorporating greek yogurt into the diet is beneficial.

Nuts are another bone-strengthening superpower, thanks to their high magnesium and phosphorus. Magnesium increases seniors’ ability to absorb calcium in their bones, while phosphorus is a key component of bone. Nuts are an easy snack to have around the house or to incorporate into salads or baked goods. Seeds may also be incorporated, with many of the same benefits plus much-needed calcium.

Beans are an excellent addition to the diet. They provide many of the same nutrients as dairy, nuts, and seeds but also offer a great deal of fiber and protein. Both fiber and protein are beneficial for healthy diets. Beans are easily added to the diet and come in many types to ensure a variety in meal planning.

Fish is another food that is often connected with increased bone strength. Fish helps improve the amount of Vitamin D in the body, although a supplement may still be needed. A vitamin D deficiency isn’t just a “senior issue.” Many people are deficient in Vitamin D. Unfortunately, this means that seniors may be behind before they even start. Adding fatty fish, such as tuna or salmon, a few times a day can help increase Vitamin D to balance the diet.

Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors With Dietary Changes

For many seniors, dealing with dietary changes can be overwhelming. This is especially true if some of these foods aren’t familiar to seniors. With the help of a supportive home care assistance professional, these nutritional changes can be educational and fun. Home care assistance providers can teach seniors how to prepare certain foods and what to look for while shopping – or they may be able to assist with shopping. Seniors feel supported when learning from a trusting and caring professional, which helps them enjoy the changes, rather than feel overwhelmed.


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