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Exercise Can Help Brain Function

Elderly Care Pompano Beach FL-People over 65 find it increasingly difficult to remember things stored in short-term memory. Study recommends aerobic exercise for brain maintenance.

Aging can do a number on the brain. There’s no denying it. People over 65 find it increasingly difficult to remember things stored in short-term memory. That’s why keys and phones so frequently go missing for the elderly.

For the past few years, brain scientists have regarded the brain as a complex system of networks. Two different networks can be active at the same time and relaying information to one another.

Study recommends aerobic exercise for brain maintenance

Elderly Care Pompano Beach FL – Exercise Can Help Brain Function

The part of the brain that slows down in old age and starts to let us down is the median temporal lobe. Fortunately, a scientific study coming out of Rutgers shows that just two hours of rigorous aerobics a week can significantly improve how the median temporal lobe functions.

Study participants were mostly in their sixties, and they were all African Americans. What the lead scientist found was that those who were doing aerobics developed greater brain flexibility over twenty weeks of exercise..

As measured by brain scans, the brains of the aerobics participants frequently lit up in different places like Christmas tree lights. Different networks in their brains, in other words, were chatting with each other and making complex connections.

On written tests, the study participants who exercised showed improved ability to learn new things, then apply the new learning to various problems.

The right kind of exercise with the help of elderly care

Another study of aging and exercise shows that the best exercise for brain health may be the kind of exercise that involves bursts of high energy or speed.

For example, if one walks at the same pace for an hour, that’s good exercise. But, if one walks at a high speed for five minutes, then slower for five minutes, then again at high speed, that’s even better exercise, specifically for brain health.

Incidentally, that kind of exercise is good for physical health as well.

That means that the best kinds of exercise for elderly people may be walking, running, swimming, and dancing. All those endeavors can and usually do involve different paces, pauses, and alternating between fast and slow, difficult and easy.

Walking a high-energy dog may be a really beneficial exercise. That’s because dogs naturally want to sprint for a few seconds, then slow down, then sniff something, then sprint some more. You can also formalize this kind of work out with a well trained dog.

If you are having trouble getting your aging mother or father to exercise, consider hiring professional elderly care. An elderly care aide, who comes to your parent’s home, can encourage a short walk around the house, even if your mother or father is quite debilitated.

By increasing the amount of exercise in small amounts every day, your elderly care aide can help your parent get into shape for more demanding exercising. And both the brain and body will benefit.

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