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Is Your Family Gathering for Labor Day?

Elder Care Lauderhill FL-Is your family gathering this year on Labor Day? If so, it's a good time to stop and watch your dad's ability to take care of himself and if he could benefit from elder care services. Look out for these signs.

Labor Day falls on September 5th, and it’s a day that many families gather for one more picnic outdoor meal before the seasons change. Is your family gathering this year? If so, it’s a good time to stop and watch your dad’s ability to take care of himself and if he could benefit from elder care services.

Is Your Dad Mobile?

Elder Care Lauderhill FL – Is Your Family Gathering for Labor Day?

Does your dad walk around on his own? If he staggers or shuffles when he’s walking around, it’s a sign that his mobility is changing. He may need to have someone with him when he takes walks outside.

Watch to see how easy it is for him to stand up from a seated position. If he struggles, it’s important to talk to him about his fall risk and the benefit of having someone to help him when he gets up, walks up and down the stairs, and takes a shower.

Is He Taking Care of Himself or Could he Use Assistance from Elder Care?

Is your dad taking care of himself? If it’s a hot day and he’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, you should ask why. He may have a harder time deciding what is appropriate for the weather, and that’s a sign he could use help.

He may not be able to do the laundry, so he put on whatever he found that was clean. Is he shaven, his hair brushed and styled, and his teeth brushed? When was his last doctor’s visit? If he admits it’s been years, it’s time to talk about getting caught up.

How’s the Upkeep In His Home?

Is your dad’s home in good shape? Look for loose railings, lightbulbs that need changing, and loose carpeting. Make sure sinks or pipes aren’t leaking and that his appliances all work. If there is anything wrong, arrange service technicians for repairs. This is something you need to think about as a poorly maintained home puts your dad at risk.

Hire elder care aides to check on your dad often. If his air conditioning or heating system isn’t working, it’s not something you want to delay. With a caregiver stopping by, you’ll get a call if the HVAC system isn’t working properly. The caregiver can help your dad schedule repairs if needed.

Is He Being Safe With His Foods?

Food safety has changed a lot. Your dad may have grown up leaving his eggs on the counter, but that’s not advised for store-bought eggs that have been washed. He may have a habit of thawing his frozen meat on the counter. That’s also unsafe.

If he orders a takeout pizza, does he leave it on the counter all night and then eat it cold in the morning? That’s unsafe. If he does get food poisoning, he may not bounce back as easily as he did as a younger adult.

When your dad’s health or mobility is keeping him from complete independence, make sure he’s supported as much as needed. Elder care service is a key to remaining independent in a safe, positive way. Hire caregivers to help him with housework, transportation, meals, and personal care. An elder care specialist can help you better understand these services and their cost.

If you or a family member need to hire Elder Care Services in Lauderhill FL, call the caring professionals at Star Multi Care today at (954) 870-4770. We provide service in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, Margate, Pompano Beach, and Tamarac.

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