Keeping good balance as the aging process progresses is important. Unfortunately, there are many balance issues that some senior citizens face. From vision issues to medications to weak muscles, all these things can cause balance issues. By learning more about these common balance issues in elderly adults, you can help to keep your elderly loved one safe.

Elder Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Keeping Good Balance
Elder Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Keeping Good Balance

BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

If your elderly loved one does have an issue with their balance, it may be helpful to make sure you or a senior care provider is around them at all times, to make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves. In addition, if you notice symptoms of a balance issue in your elderly loved one, have them see their doctor so they can figure out what is going on. Research shows that BPPV is near the top of the list for common balance issues in elderly adults. If you notice that your elderly loved one gets vertigo when they turn their head, they could have this disorder. They may even have vertigo when they roll over in their bed. Many things could cause this including aging, ear infections, or a head injury.


If your elderly loved one’s ear becomes inflamed and infected, they could end up with balance issues. One of the types of ear infections many elderly adults face is labyrinthitis. Oftentimes, this type of ear infection happens when someone has the flu.

Meniere’s Disease

Another balance issue that your elderly loved one might have is connected with Meniere’s disease. Those with this disease may feel like their ear is full. They may also have ringing in their ears, vertigo, and some hearing loss sporadically. If your elderly loved one experiences hearing loss with this disease that could further increase their risk of falling.

Chronic Health Conditions

There are some chronic health conditions that may cause balance issues for your elderly loved one, as well. For instance, if your elderly loved one has vision issues, this could cause them to lose their balance. In addition, those who have diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease, often have balance issues. Medications, heart problems, and arthritis cause issues with balance, too.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Elderly adults who get the shingles virus may develop Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This happens when shingles affect the nerves around their ear. At that time, vertigo can be experienced, along with ear loss and ear pain.

If your elderly loved one experiences the symptoms of these diseases or disorders, be sure they see their doctor right away.

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