It can be hard to know what’s normal and what isn’t when it comes to memory loss in older adults.
Walking into a room and forgetting what they came in for once in a while is normal. So is forgetting a name and remembering it later. However, frequent lapses in memory could signal a problem. Below are 5 common early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that could help you spot it in your older family member.

Elder Care in Coconut Creek FL: Alzheimer’s

1: Being Unable to Remember Things

Everyone forgets a name or appointment once in a while, then remembers it later. They can usually provide details about the person whose name they forgot or about the appointment they forgot. However, when a senior only acknowledges a lapse in memory when asked about it and not being able to remember when they had a memory lapse suggest a more serious problem.

2: Trouble Following Steps

Alzheimer’s disease can cause seniors to have difficulty making a plan to complete a task or solve a problem. They may also have trouble following the steps it takes to do something, such as the steps in a recipe or the steps needed to pay bills. Working with numbers may be especially troublesome.

3: Change in Personality

Dementia can impact a person’s disposition and temperament. They may go from being a cheerful, involved person to someone who is withdrawn and angry. Many people with Alzheimer’s also experience depression, which may make them stop doing things they enjoy, lose interest in eating, or change their sleep habits.

4: Language Problems

People with Alzheimer’s disease can have difficulty remembering the correct words to use when speaking. They sometimes describe items instead of naming them. For example, they might say “that think I watch the news on” instead of “the television.” They might also have trouble with reading or writing.

5: Difficulty with Time and Place

Seniors with dementia can have difficulty keeping track of what day it is or even what season. They can have trouble understanding something that isn’t happening right now. They could also forget where they currently are or be unsure of how they got there.

If your older family member has Alzheimer’s disease, elder care can help them to continue living safely at home for longer. Elder care providers can make certain the senior does not do something unsafe, like forgetting to turn the stove off. An elder care provider can also assist with tasks that are difficult because of cognitive problems, such as paying bills or going through the mail to make sure important items are addressed.

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