Is it Possible to Be a Caregiver Who Works?

Your elderly family member needs you, but your job may need you, too. So, what can you do when you’re faced with what feels like an impossible situation? It might not be as impossible as you fear. Home Care in Deerfield Beach FL: Caregiver Who Works How Much Help Does Your Senior Need? To start out, you might find it helpful to know how much help your elderly family member truly needs. Having this baseline gives you a chance to sort out how vital ... Read more

What is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Stand at the sink and wash your hands thoroughly (about 40 seconds according to the CDC). During that time, a stroke occurred somewhere in the country. Now, set a timer for 4 minutes. In the time it takes for the alarm to go off, someone in the United States has died because of a stroke. Strokes of all kinds are a medical emergency. But, the kind of stroke suffered by an older adult informs the care they need to recover as ... Read more

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Family Members

Most people would think that the care efforts of a family caregiver who has siblings or other close family members would be much simpler than that of a caregiver who does not have these relatives. After all, it would seem that these family members could take on more responsibilities and ease the stress and burden of the primary caregiver. This, however, is not always the case. In many circumstances, family members are not only not helpful, but can be difficult and ... Read more