Homecare and home health care services do differ. Medicare may cover some services your mom needs after a health emergency. For example, if she has a stroke, home health care services like pneumonia recovery, IV-antibiotics, and would care could be offered at home. Medicare doesn’t cover things like custodial care or housekeeping services from caregivers. Check out these differences.

Understanding What Homecare Covers

Homecare Deerfield Beach FL - What Are the Differences Between Home Care Services and Home Health Care Services?

Homecare Deerfield Beach FL – What Are the Differences Between Home Care Services and Home Health Care Services?

When caregivers help with homecare, they can run errands, help with grooming and hygiene, and cook meals. They can do the housework and laundry. Many of the tasks they do are related to housekeeping and activities of daily living like getting dressed, getting in and out of the shower or bathtub, and moving around the home.

You can have caregivers stop by once a week to vacuum, dust, mop, and wipe down counters. They could come daily to cook meals, drive your mom to an appointment, and encourage her to drink enough water. The caregivers can remind her to put on a coat before going outside or make sure she puts on sunscreen.

These caregivers can schedule prescription refills, pick them up, get groceries along the way, and return to your mom’s house. Back at her house, the caregiver can carry in the bags and put the groceries away in the appropriate areas.

Understanding What Home Health Care Covers

Home health care services delve into the care your mom may need after a surgery or illness. She can have someone helping with post-surgical wound care in the comfort of her home. If she has diabetes and gets wounds on her feet, she could have caregivers taking care of them to prevent infection.

While homecare caregivers cannot do things skilled nurses perform, home health care can help with pain management, IV-antibiotic and hydration treatments, catheters, feeding tubes, and treatments for impacted bowels.

These specialized caregivers can also help with medication management. Instead of simply reminding your mom to take her medications, home health care can administer the medications through an IV. They can also hand your mom the pills and verify that she’s taken them.

No matter what your mom needs when she’s aging at home, caregivers and home health care providers cover everything she could need. Talk to her doctors and ask a home health care provider if the Medicare-certified agency can help your mom out after she’s been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or suffers a stroke.

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