Home Health Care in Aventura FL: Traumatic Brain Injury

Home Health Care in Aventura FL: Traumatic Brain Injury

The changes that a senior can suffer after experiencing a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can be startling for you as a family caregiver.  They might be unexpected or not fit the mold of what you think that such effects should be.  By understanding the changes that are possible after such an injury you can detect when your senior is dealing with such after effects and make changes to your care routine to ensure that they get what they need to stay as safe and healthy as possible.

While you might expect changes in your parent’s cognitive functioning or even issues such as nerve damage, one thing you might not be expecting is changes to your parent’s behavior. Behavioral changes, however, are a normal reaction and can be managed.

Some of the behavioral changes that might occur in a senior after suffering a TBI include:

• Challenges with self-control
• Verbal outbursts
• Physical outbursts
• Emergence of risky behavior in a senior who would not usually engage in such behaviors
• Developing a self-image that is not accurate to reality
• Being unaware of their personal abilities or limitations
• Struggling with social situations

Your loved one might also struggle with emotional changes that can further behavioral problems and increase the difficulty that they have as they recover.

The emotional changes can include:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Changes in self-esteem
• Mood swings
• Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
• Anger
• Irritability
• Lack of empathy that is not characteristic of your senior

These changes can be unpleasant for your parent but they can also be risky and even dangerous.  If you notice such changes, do not hesitate to talk to their doctor and get recommendations for how you can care for your parent in a way that will help to reduce these risks and protect them as they cope with their injury.

Now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elderly care for your parent if they are struggling with particular health challenges and complications, or you feel that they would benefit from additional support and assistance.   An elderly home care services provider can be there with your aging parent on a customized schedule to ensure that they have access to the highly personalized services that they need to support a happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe quality of life as they age in place.
These services are tailored specifically to your senior’s challenges and limitations and can include safe and reliable transportation to where they need and want to go, assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, toileting, and dressing, meal preparation, and companionship.

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