During a total hip replacement surgery, the hip socket and femur head are replaced by synthetic parts. This improves mobility and eases pain. Per the CDC, the number of hip replacement surgeries in adults over the age of 44 increased from 138,700 to 310,800. It’s a common surgery in people 45 or older.

Home Health Care Boynton Beach FL - Pair Home Health Care and Senior Care for Your Mom's Recovery From a Hip Replacement Surgery

Home Health Care Boynton Beach FL – Pair Home Health Care and Senior Care for Your Mom’s Recovery From a Hip Replacement Surgery

If your mom is having a hip replacement surgery, she needs a strong support team at home. When she’s released from the hospital, she needs a team of nurses and caregivers to help her through her recovery. You should look at both home health care and senior care services to assist her.

Home Health Care’s Role in Her Recovery

Your mom is going to have an incision that needs to be cared for. She can have nurses check for signs of infection. Nurses can also manage IV medications that your mom needs if an infection is a concern. Pain management through an IV may not be required, but it could be an option if she’s dealing with a lot of pain and finds over-the-counter medications are not enough.

Your mom is going to be using a walker or cane for a while. She’s going to have physical and occupational therapists help her regain mobility. With home health care, some of these visits can be scheduled within her home with a home health care therapist.

Senior Care is Equally Important

While home health care assists with medical tasks, senior care helps with tasks around the house. Your mom won’t be allowed to shower for several days after the surgery. A caregiver can help her when showering is allowed. Caregivers can help her “wash” and style her hair in the meantime using dry shampoo.

Caregivers can clean the house, cook your mom’s meals, and encourage her to get up and move around every hour. They can also drive her to upcoming appointments with her doctors.

She can have senior care services like laundry services, assistance with ambulation, and help with dressing. If she needs to schedule prescription refills or appointments with physical therapists, caregivers can help with those tasks, too.

The goal of a hip replacement surgery is to have your mom becoming more mobile and moving around without pain. If she listens to her doctors and does her physical therapy exercises, she’s going to feel better than ever.

She’ll need encouragement from her friends and family, but she needs help at home too. Don’t overlook the importance of hiring senior care aides and home health care services for your mom. Call our agency today to talk about her options.

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