There are many things that can help your elderly loved one to be happier, healthier, and to live a better life. You might be thinking about the foods they can eat to help them be healthier. Maybe you are considering having them start an exercise regimen. While all those things are great ideas, you could also bring more laughter into their life. Laughter can benefit elderly adults in so many different ways. Research shows that laughter can burn more calories, increase mood, and offer many other benefits, as well.


Home Care in Coconut Creek FL: Laughter

Home Care in Coconut Creek FL: Laughter


Increasing Heart Rate and Burning More Calories

One of the best things that laughter can do for someone is to increase their heart rate. By doing this, it also helps to burn more calories. This mimics the effects of a mild exercise workout. If your loved one needs to burn more calories, get them laughing more often.


Reducing Stress

Research also shows that when elderly adults laugh it reduces their stress levels. If you find that your elderly loved one is stressed out or anxious, bring more laughter into their life. Have them watch a funny video or tell them a funny story. Let them watch a comedy. There are many ways to get your loved one laughing, all of which can help to lower their stress levels.


Managing Pain Levels

Does your elderly loved one suffer from chronic pain? Chronic pain can make anyone feel down and maybe even depressed. Unfortunately, many elderly adults suffer from painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. However, laughing can help your elderly loved one to manage their pain levels. Laughter increases the endorphins that are released throughout the body. These are also called natural pain relievers. If you can get your loved one laughing more, then more endorphins will be released, lowering their pain level.


Boosting Mood

As mentioned above, laughing can also help to boost one’s mood. If you or elder care providers are trying to boost your loved one’s mood, laughter is the best way to do that. It can make your loved one feel better, happier, and more uplifted. In addition, if your elderly loved one is feeling depressed, laughter can help them to feel better, as well.


Managing Diabetes

Some research shows that laughter can help to manage someone’s blood glucose levels. With those who have diabetes, it is important that they lower these levels. There are many ways to do this and laughter is one of them.

These are some of the many ways that laughter can help your elderly loved one. Be sure to use this information to encourage more laughter in your loved one’s life.



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