Elder Care in Pembroke Pines FL

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another in their lives. Stress is the body’s natural response to demanding situations, adverse circumstances, and the like, that requires an adjustment or Elder-Care-in-Pembroke-Pines-FLresponse of some kind. While stress doesn’t have to be a negative thing, people see it that way far too often. The reality is our bodies are designed to be able to react to and cope with a certain amount of stress; stress can actually keep us on our toes, alert and ready to avoid danger if it comes our way. Stress becomes a negative, however, when there is no relief in sight. That’s when it takes a toll on a person’s mind and body, causing fatigue, illness, a mood change for the worse, or depression.

There’s good news though. No matter what kind of stress someone might be under, there are sure-fire ways to better deal with it; and with a little practice a person can hopefully avoid stress-related illness. This is especially important for those providing elder care and the seniors they’re caring for. They should start by doing the obvious, like getting enough sleep, maintaining a proper diet, avoiding excess caffeine and other stimulants, and taking time out of each day to relax. If those things fail, consider these tips:

  • Write down what bothers you or stresses you out. Being able to identify it sometimes helps you find an easier solution for it.
  • Likewise writing down all that’s good in life may leave a person feeling like things aren’t all that bad.
  • Read a book or magazine; this is especially helpful if it’s an inspirational book or magazine. Reading can often help transport us to another time and place, removing stress from our minds.
  • Do something meditative. It’ll help bring a sense of calm, peace and balance that can be helpful to both physical and mental health.
  • Stay close to family and friends. When feeling stressed or blue, make a concerted effort to get together with someone, even if it’s just to sit and talk.
  • Spend extra time with your pet. If there isn’t currently a pet, consider adopting one. It’s a proven fact that pet therapy—just petting or talking to a pet—can have significant health benefits.
  • Get out of the norm. Instead of doing things the same day in and day out, change things up. Once the cobwebs are cleared away, your loved one may feel better about themselves.
  • Exercise. It’s no secret that getting physical can help improve concentration, make a person feel less fatigued and improve their overall cognitive function.
  • Do something special. It could be anything—a massage, a day of fishing or golf, or treating oneself to lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant. Whatever it is it should help lift one’s spirit and refresh their mood.


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