Getting older can make it harder for seniors to get out of the house on a regular basis. While that might not sound so bad to younger adults who work full time and wish they could spend a few days alone at home, never getting to leave the house can cause your aging relative to feel bored, frustrated, and lonely. They are likely to miss doing the things they used to and being involved in the world around them.

Fortunately, when you contact an elder care agency to hire an elder care provider to go to your older family member’s home, the services they provide don’t have to be in the home only. An elder care provider can take them on outings that will brighten their day and bring more enjoyment to their lives. Below are a few ideas for outings an elder care provider could take your aging relative on.

Home Health Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Outings
Home Health Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Outings

The Library

Some seniors who are housebound may miss the simple things they used to enjoy, such as a trip to the library to choose a few books to read, a movie to watch, and other materials. They might also miss participating in programs put on by the library, like a reading group, a craft club, or even volunteering in a children’s reading program. An elder care provider can drive the older adult to the library and help them to find the materials they want. And, if the stack of books is too heavy, an elder care provider can carry them.


There are all sorts of museums, from art to history to science, so there’s sure to be one that your older family members might enjoy going to. Some communities even have small local museums, such as an old train depot, a museum that celebrates the local heritage, or one that explores the life of a famous individual. Regardless of the type of museum, an elder care provider can take your aging relative to the museum and help them to walk around it. If the older adult is in a wheelchair, an elder care provider would be happy to push them around to see the exhibits.


Sometimes there’s nothing like a lunch or dinner out to lift an older adult’s spirits. It can be fun to dress up a bit and eat a delicious meal they might not get at home. An elder care provider can assist the senior to get ready to go out, helping them to dress, do their hair, and perform other grooming tasks that help them look and feel their best. The elder care provider can go to the restaurant with them and offer companionship while they eat.

The Zoo

A walk around the zoo is a great way for seniors to get some fresh air and exercise while also enjoying looking at the beautiful animals. An elder care provider can make sure your aging relative has dressed appropriately for the weather and be there to help them walk around the zoo safely. An elder care provider can also encourage them to rest when needed.

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