An afternoon out gives everyone a chance to unwind. It’s the best way to break up a routine and de-stress. Depending on your situation, you might be able to splurge on things like spa trips. If you can’t, don’t worry. Money may be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to get out and enjoy an afternoon with your mom.

Elderly Care in Hallandale FL: Take Your Mom Out
Elderly Care in Hallandale FL: Take Your Mom Out

Go to the Beach

At any time of year, the beach can be a relaxing place for a walk. Winter months may keep you from walking in the water if it’s too cold, but the sound of the surf is soothing. Look for shells and driftwood you can use to decorate your mom’s gardens as you walk.


Look for volunteer opportunities that you’d both enjoy that aren’t too strenuous. You could do something that helps others if that appeals to you. It’s better to pick something that taps into your interests. For example, your mom loves foods from around the world. If there’s an upcoming festival that focuses on world cultures and cuisine, see if they need volunteers.

When you volunteer at festivals, your reward is often a free pass into the festival. Explore the festival for free after your shift is over. While you have done some work, the feeling of helping others is enough to help change your mood.

Wine and Beer Tastings

Wineries and breweries typically provide low-cost or free tours of their facilities. At the end or during the tour, you get free samples. Some have food trucks or restaurants on site. Those who don’t recommend you bring in food from local businesses or pack your own picnic lunch.

You’ll both learn new things about how wine and beer are made and enjoy some free samples. When it’s done, you can share a meal and maybe a pint or glass to go with your meal.

Explore a Nature Area

Most towns and cities have nature parks. Access to these parks is often free. Walk the trails and watch for birds and other wildlife along the way. If it’s a nature preserve, you might see animals you don’t see around your house, which ads an element of excitement to your walk.

Make sure your mom is supported by caregivers when you have to work, go out of town, or run errands. Elder care services provide coverage when you need to take a break. You do your thing for as long as you need, but your mom isn’t alone. She has an elder care aide helping her out.

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