Can Your Senior with COPD Exercise?

Your senior might think that exercising with COPD is a ridiculous idea. After all, if breathing is difficult for her, she might not feel uncomfortable pushing herself. But exercise could be helpful for her as long as her doctor agrees. Make sure to talk to your elderly family member’s doctor before starting any type of new exercise program. Consider Pulmonary Rehabilitation Pulmonary rehab is physical therapy for people who have lung problems. Therapists train your senior in exercises, both physical ... Read more

Getting a Handle on Medical Information Is Easier than it Seems

You might suddenly find that you and your senior are visiting her doctor, or multiple doctors, a lot more often than in the past. That might mean that you’re balancing lots of different pieces of medical information and that feels like a lot to juggle. Home Care Services in Deerfield Beach FL: Organizing Medical Information Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions Lots of caregivers are nervous about asking questions. You might worry that doctors or even nurses will be irritated if you’re asking questions. ... Read more

5 Things That Can Cause a Fall at Home

We like to think that our loved ones are safe in their homes. Unfortunately, though, many older adults suffer injuries while in their own houses. Falls are one of the most common ways that seniors hurt themselves while at home. In fact, the National Safety Council says that falls are the cause of approximately one-third of all non-fatal injuries in the United States. Part of keeping your elderly family member from falling at home is knowing what could cause them to ... Read more

Is Your Elderly Parent Not Eating Enough?

Worrying about our elderly parents is something all of us do. One of the main things we worry about is whether our elderly parents are eating enough or not. If you don’t think your aging parents are eating enough, it can be helpful to first figure out the reason why they aren’t eating as much as they should be. There are many reasons why seniors don’t eat enough. When it comes to elder care, eating healthily and enough is very important. ... Read more

Keeping Seniors Safe Before and After a Hurricane

Keeping Seniors Safe Before and After a Hurricane The east coast of the United States is well into hurricane season. As a caregiver to your older family member, you take the safety of your loved one seriously. If they live in hurricane territory, it’s important that they take steps to stay safe both before and after a hurricane. Below are some tips for caregivers to use to ensure their older family member remains safe throughout hurricane season. Caregiver in Fort Lauderdale FL: ... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis

A difficult disease to recognize because of the few signs and symptoms that tend to come along with it. It is hard to see early on, and it takes some very close analysis by a physician in order to gain a proper diagnosis of the disease. Caregiver in Fort Lauderdale FL: Osteoporosis Osteoporosis itself causes bones to become weak and brittle, but this is something that can come as a result of other diseases as well as a lack of proper healthcare ... Read more

Fun Forms of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is important at any age, even into the senior years. However, some people don’t enjoy exercise. It seems like a chore and it just isn’t fun. So, how does your older family member get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise in, per week, when they just don’t like it? Well, the good news is that any kind of physical activity and in any amount at a time counts toward the total. So, if they take a short walk around the ... Read more

Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent Handle Osteoporosis Pain

Osteoporosis can cause someone to have a lot of pain. In many cases, it increases the risk of getting fractures, which can take months to heal. Most people who have this condition are in chronic pain. If your aging parent has osteoporosis, there are some tips to help them in managing and handling their pain. Home Care Pembroke Pines FL: Osteoporosis Physical Treatment Methods for Osteoporosis Pain Management There are many different physical treatment methods for helping someone to manage ... Read more

Why Accepting a Senior’s Condition is Good for the Caregiver

When you first learn that an older family member has a serious condition, like dementia or ALS, it can be difficult to wrap your head around. This can be especially true if you find yourself in the role of caregiver. For some caregivers, accepting that the senior has a chronic condition feels like defeat. Home Health Care in Deerfield Beach FL: Caregiver Realizations Not being able to accept the reality of the condition can be detrimental to the caregiver and the older ... Read more

5 Causes of Dizziness in Seniors

People use the word “dizzy” to describe different kinds of feelings. It might mean feeling faint, woozy, unsteady, or weak. It can also be used to talk about vertigo, which is a feeling of the environment spinning around the person. Feeling dizzy is a common complaint of older adults. Although dizziness can cause problems, like an increased risk of falling, it usually isn’t a sign of a condition that can lead to death. There are many different things that ... Read more
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