How Can You Start to Detect Appetite Loss?

There can be so many reasons for your senior to lose her appetite. Many of those reasons are physical and related to her health, but some are related to other aspects of changes she’s experiencing. If she’s too tired to cook, for instance, she’s not going to make that a priority. You may need to do some investigating. Elderly Care in Fort Lauderdale FL: Senior Appetite Loss You’ve Noticed She’s Stopped Cooking In the past, you might have noticed more about your senior ... Read more

Four Senior Discounts You Didn’t Know Exist

Senior discounts can help slash bills, but some deals are hidden. It's always advantageous to ask about discounts. A company your parents have been using for years may have a deal available. Here are four senior discounts that older adults don't realize are available. Homecare in Hallandale FL: Senior Discounts Amazon Prime Senior citizens who qualify for Medicaid or who receive government benefits to an EBT card? If so, Amazon offers a discounted Amazon Prime rate. Your parents can pay as little as $6 ... Read more

5 Reasons Being a Caregiver is Great

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and thought, “Hooray! I get to spend today being a family caregiver!” If you haven’t felt that way in a while, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Lots of caregivers frequently have a hard time finding the good in what they do. That’s because caregiving can be physically and emotionally difficult. It can also be stressful. However, that certainly doesn’t mean there’s nothing good about being a caregiver. In fact, having ... Read more

How to Keep Your Senior Safe Online

If you have a senior parent or other loved one who is receiving their senior care at home, they may have access to the internet which can prevent them from feeling isolated at home but also be a cause for concern due to the nature of the world wide web. You do your best to keep them physically safe and secure, but it’s equally important to protect their personal information and financial security as well. Here are some ways that you ... Read more

Gift Ideas for the Senior in Your Life

The holidays are approaching and many people enjoy giving meaningful or useful gifts to the people in their life that they love. If you have a senior parent or loved one receiving home care, you may be wondering what you can give them this year that they will appreciate. Here are a few ideas: Journal- If your senior does not have any impairments that would inhibit them from writing, consider gifting them with a beautiful journal for them to write their thoughts ... Read more

What is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Stand at the sink and wash your hands thoroughly (about 40 seconds according to the CDC). During that time, a stroke occurred somewhere in the country. Now, set a timer for 4 minutes. In the time it takes for the alarm to go off, someone in the United States has died because of a stroke. Strokes of all kinds are a medical emergency. But, the kind of stroke suffered by an older adult informs the care they need to recover as ... Read more

Three Ways to Balance Your Parents’ Care Needs and a Tight Budget

After retirement, senior citizens spend around $3,800 per month. Even with a home with no mortgage, there are often property taxes, heating/cooling costs, water bills, and utilities to consider. Medical care and health insurance, dental care and insurance, car expenses, and groceries add to monthly expenses. Elder Care in Boca Raton FL: Balance Care Needs With Tight Budget When it's time to arrange elder care services for your parents, it may seem difficult adding another expense to an already tight budget. Here ... Read more


Home Care Services Fort Lauderdale FL - SEASONS GREETINGS from STAR MULTI CARE The Holidays always seem to bring us joy and as we reflect upon the appreciation we hold for our wonderful clients, staff and community partners. We truly feel blessed to work with each of you. Thank you for making us the successful company we are today. May 2020 bring you and your families the healthiest of minds, bodies ... Read more

Make These Choices to Be a More Effective Caregiver

Choices are a big part of caregiving. You’re usually making choices about your senior and her life, though. What types of choices are you making for yourself? They matter a lot more than you might be willing to admit, too. Senior Care in Coconut Creek FL: Be a More Effective Caregiver Prioritize Sleep Sleep is incredibly underrated, especially in a society that expects everyone to go more and to do more. But when you prioritize sleep over getting more done, a ... Read more

Four Ways Sleep Routines Might Be Messing with Your Senior’s Sleep

Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Senior Sleep Sleep routines keep your senior’s sleep patterns where they need to be so she gets the rest she needs. Setting up a sleep routine is easier than you might think, but you want to avoid some of these mistakes. Sleeping During the Day Makes the Situation Worse Many people with sleep disturbances and issues find that they’re awake a lot during the night and asleep or at least dozing throughout the day. Those naps, whether they’re long ... Read more
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